Crowdfunding: Will it Help You Raise Capital Effectively?


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Crowdfunding has become a very popular way to raise capital, thanks to sites like Kickstarter. However, there is this misconception that it’s a quick way to accumulate money. On the contrary, only about less than a third are able to reach their desired goal – fundraising websites like Kickstarter often do not dispense money unless the desired goal is met. So how will you know if this is the perfect way for you to raise money for a business idea? Take a look at these criteria.

Business Plan

First, you must have a solid plan to begin with. What are the products or services that you intend to sell? How do you plan to run the business? Once you hit your financial goal, the business plan will make it easy for you to determine your next action.

Targeted Amount

You need to determine how much money you need to start the business. You also need to offer something back to those who are going to fund your business such as a free goods of some sort. Remember that people are often more willing to fund a cause if they are able to get something in return.

Target Market

Study if your business idea is something that a particular group of audience will like. You should know the potential value of the business not just for your sake, but for the target market. This will help you determine early on if the products or services have potential to succeed or if these are better left in the closet.


You need to be able to get your target market to see your offer. You may need to dispense initial cost on putting up a blog or website, ads, press releases, and the like.

Know the Limitations

You also have to know the regulations of the website that offers the crowdfunding platform that you plan to use. Like mentioned earlier, some of these do not dispense the funds unless the goal is met.

Did your evaluations turn out positive to all of the criteria mentioned above? Then crowdfunding could be the perfect model to help you raise business capital.