Harry Potter is a Hot Franchise – Will the Fantastic Beasts Follow in its Steps?


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Warner Bros. Pictures is trying to create some controversy for the upcoming film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie will be released on November 18th. In anticipation for this, Imax will brought back the Harry Potter film series in theaters on October 13th. Fans saw this as an opportunity to revisit their most favorite scenes on the movie series, but for its franchise owners, this is yet another opportunity to rake in some extra cash.

Time Warner has already earned $7 billion worth in box office revenue on the eight-film franchise since 2001. And they are not the only ones that benefitted from it. Similarly, Scholastic reportedly sold more than 160 million copies of the Harry Potter novel series in US alone – they also got the opportunity to work on the film’s screenplay. The hardcover for $24.99, which gave them nearly $8 billion revenue in book sales alone.

Harry Potter franchise also made a lot of cash in the toys industry. Hasbro and Mattel, companies who were lucky enough to have been given the chance to make games and toys under the Harry Potter franchise, had an estimated totals sales of over $7 billion. Recent estimates on the franchise reveal that this could already be valued somewhere in the range of $25 billion.

NBCUniversal acquired the rights for a seven-year TV which will begin in 2018 for the Harry Potter movies which will include the Fantastic Beasts films from Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. Bloomberg estimates that the Harry Potter TV deal is valued at $200 million – the rights is still currently in the hands of Walt Disney Co.

In the past, other companies have also lined up for the Harry Potter intellectual property rights. Companies like Fossil Group, Coca-Cola, Electronic Art, and Johnson and Johnson were given the right to incorporate Harry Potter in their products.

News says that the Fantastic Beasts will be turned into a trilogy which could mean that it’s possible that this will also be making some loads of money in its franchise deals if it proves to be better and bigger than Harry Potter.