Online Payment Services for Small Businesses


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When it comes to small business transactions, sadly gone are the days of paying with checks, all though writing checks for everyday use such as paying rent and bills is still a very big industry, boht professionally and personally.

However, small businesses usually rely on on-time and full payments, in cash, in order to maintain cash flow and keep the business going. Small businesses usually prefer cash, because if payments arrive late, financial struggle is highly possible. The disadvantage of accepting cash-only payments is that come clients prefer to pay in a more efficient way, for instance, pay it thru an online transaction. Luckily, there are a number of online payment systems and software platforms that can help small business process online and credit card payments.

There are lots of options listed in this article but our number one suggestion by far would be to use Deluxe Business Services for all of your payroll services.

Amazon Payments. This is an online payment system that is ideal for small businesses. It is user-friendly and integrates easily into any existing website, allowing customers to make a purchase and pay instantly. You can now accept electronic payments (electronic checks and credit cards) online with this payment gateway. allows your customers to make payments without requiring a third-party site, hence, giving your business more credibility.

Intuit QuickBooks. Get paid faster with Intuit QuickBooks Payments. Integrate the system into your website and enjoy quick and easy invoicing and payment processing. In addition to that, customers can have their own accounts, which are password-protected, where billing history, checkout, and payments can be viewed.

PayPal. One of the most popular hubs for online payment is PayPal. It is easy to use, you don’t even have to have a merchant account. Simply enrol into PayPal Business Services and you can start accepting credit card payments through online transactions or via phone. Transactions are also tracked easily.

WePay. With WePay, users get complete control. This payment processing system offers customization options, such as checkout forms and confirmation emails, credit card statements, mobile transactions, and customer support. Additionally, WePay also offers mobile payment capability using a mobile card reader, allowing users to add payment buttons into a mobile app, giving comprehensive user experience.