9 Essential Ways to Get the Media’s Attention for Your Business


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  1. Online presence

The best place to market and advertise your products and services is. To get the press’ attention, you need to have active accounts with all the social media platforms if possible and post regularly, offering advice to other business people and posting your services.

  1. Be original/unique

The market is crowded with a lot of similar products and services. The media’s attention is therefore clouded, and unless you have something different, however small, then your business may remain out of the limelight forever.

  1. Always mention your expertise

Make it a tendency to talk about your expertise. Create customized emails and send them regularly to the press, telling them about what you offer and your skills. You also need to be consistent because the first two or maybe five emails are never even noticed, but when need be, and they require information in your area, then you may get contacted.

  1. Make use of the freebies

Never waste an opportunity. Whenever you hear of a chance to talk about what you offer even with the outlets that provide free interviews, cancel every appointment where possible and make an appearance. This will increase the media knowledge of who you are, and who knows, one day you might get a call from a major media outlet.

  1. Adjust your availability and provide means to reach you

Imagine losing an interview you’ve been working to earn for years only because you did not answer your phone, check your email or did not provide how you should be reached in the first place. It is essential that you make available your phone number in the emails you send and on your websites. You want to have an established phone number, to either appear as a national company or boost your local presence.

  1. Respond regularly to tweets of the media outlets you have interest in

Getting media’s attention does not only require sending several emails and creating a website. It also needs you to show interest in that specific outlet. Respond to their tweets uniquely and professionally so that they notice you.

  1. Invite the press to your events

Journalists are often very busy and on a tight schedule, and therefore, getting their attention is often not easy. That is why you need to start small. Call the small media outlets to your events and never assume that because they are small, then you don’t have to be at your best. Show them what you have and let them know you are open for interviews in the future.

  1. Make a tendency of emailing over phoning

The world is taking a more advanced angle, and most business messages are being shared through email. The urge to call is always there, but it is wise to press it down unless of course, it is urgent. The messages you send usually reach the assistants first, and in case of some long garbled message, the assistant won’t hesitate to hit delete. Such messages are also not easy to forward to the right person

  1. Partner with like-minded people

Partnering with successful or well-known people of the same views and related industries is essential in getting media’s attention on your business.


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