Costly Mistakes You Can Make While Starting a Business


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You probably are one of the millions of people dreaming of starting a business and watching it thrive into an empire. You are also most likely quite scared of trying your hand at business and failing. That fear is understandable. Many people have seen their hard-earned capital go down the drain after they made wrong business decisions.

At, Swyft Filings, we help you avoid making mistakes while starting a business, to ensure you have the best chance of succeeding. Below are some mistakes you should avoid while starting a business.

Failing to Plan

There is this cliché adage that says “failing to plan is planning to fail.” It is probably best applicable to the instance of starting a business. A business starts with a business idea, and then a business plan. No matter how ingenious your idea is, there are a lot of aspects of a business that you need to foresee before you get started.

Skipping Technology

Nowadays, business goes hand in hand with technology. You cannot compete with other businesses if you do not incorporate modern technology into your operations and service delivery. You have to understand all the technologies being used in a certain industry before you venture into it.

Competing on Price

This is a very common mistake. Almost everyone thinks lowering the price of their product will make it more attractive in the market. You would rather compete on quality and service, than on price. Regardless of how you structure your price, people will only buy that which they can afford.

Seek to build a brand and be renowned for quality, instead of engaging in price wars

Not Consulting

A business involves many moving parts. Regardless of how industrious you are; you will need help at some point. You cannot possibly know everything about the industry you intend to venture in. For instance, you will need permits and licenses for operating a business. You need to engage industry experts to find out all the documents that you need. You might also need them to understand the technologies being used in the industry as recommended above.

Swyft Filings is a worthy consultancy partner for anyone seeking to start a business. We will get you everything that you require, handle all your business filings, and guide you until your business it on its feet. Our business is to ensure the mistakes outlined above, and many others are not made. We are the guys that turn your ideas into a profitable business.


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