Make Money With Your Twitter Account


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Social Media giant Twitter plays a big part in today’s generation. From ordinary people to celebrities to even government officials, everyone is using it because it’s a simple yet effective platform to reach out and communicate to the people who matter to us the most. And because of its popularity, Twitter is now being used as an important business tool that will create a new layer of connection between entrepreneurs and customers. Aside from that, people now are also using their own Twitter accounts as a business itself, and that is through the use of ads and sponsored tweets. Now are you interested in turning your Twitter account into a possible business venture? If you are then here are some of the things you can do to get some cash while enjoying your time in the Twitter-verse.

  1. Use Your Accounts To Sell Products – Believe it or not, Twitter is just as effective as Instagram and Facebook when it comes to advertising handmade products. Since the site provides a much wider audience probability through the use of hashtags and related searches, there’s a higher chance of getting your business noticed.
  2. Tweet Advertisements – Owners of independent and massive Twitter accounts are using their fame to earn some money. There are quotes and lyric accounts that offer promoting company products through their tweets in exchange for some cash, Celebrities also use Twitter to promote their own business or even their advertisements. Paypal is the most commonly used medium for this one.
  3. Sponsored Tweets – This is probably the most popular Twitter tool that can help you earn money by turning your normal account into a business one. Upon signing up, you will be tasked to tweet ads. The good thing about this is that you can set your own cost-per-click rate and which ads you’ll use in your own account.
  4. Use Ad.Ly – Very similar to Sponsored Tweets. This great device can also be used to send out ad tweets. But unlike the former, you will get paid with a fix amount based on your profile and the duration you want to spend with them.