Twitter In Talks To Sell Vine?


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It was just a few years ago when Vine was the ‘It’ app and ruled the entire social media scene. Launched in 2012, the six-second video sharing app quickly became everyone’s favorite. In fact, the platform got so huge that it launched successful crossover careers for some of its most followed users. People like Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, The Dolan Twins, Brittany Furlan, Zack King and Jake Paul have all mastered the art of the Vine app and were able to branch out in other fields. Some of them became famous TV personalities and Internet Sensations while others went on to be Activists and Business Men.

However, Vine’s parent company Twitter recently just announced that they’re going to close down the short-video sharing app. But wait, before you let your heart break an interesting turn of event just happened because it is now being reported that the social media giant is planning to sell Vine instead of completely killing it off.

Just a couple of days after Twitter announced its closing Vine, a report that surfaced from the tech news site TechCrunch revealed that the company is currently in talks with other firms who are interested in buying the Vine app. It is also revealed by a trusted insider that the social media giant already received various bids just a few hours after the announcement about killing Vine happened. It is also indicated in the report that the company already started to produce multiple term sheets for their bidders and is hoping to land a deal with any shortlisted firm soon.

One of the interested firms reportedly offered a $10 million figure to buy the app for Twitter. This is relatively low considering that the company bought the app for $30 million back in 2012. As expected, Twitter representatives declined to comment about the alleged issue.