What’s The Future Of Checks? Some Things You Should Know


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Consumers' habits have drastically changed over time. What was once considered a revolutionary item –one that later became a standard for basically all people–, can easily turn obsolete in a matter of years. That's the question that remains in the minds of many when thinking about checks. Are they still useful nowadays?

In a world where technology has made impressive advancements towards immediacy, debit and credit cards, and online payments have taken the advantage of having technology on their side– they have become the primary source for payments.

That still doesn't mean that having a checking account and using personal checks is a thing of the past. Although it might seem like no one is really using them, numerous online polls reveal that there is still a large number of people who prefer using checks for certain transactions. But given the practicality of online payments, why would that be?

First of all, there is always that little wiggle room in which an electronic transaction might fail. The technology behind card payments has posed a serious threat to consumer's identities– the amount of identity theft cases reported has only been steadily increasing since the introduction of credit cards. Always make sure you are safely protecting your identity no matter what method of payments you are using.

This is where being old school might actually pay off. Writing a check is practical when it comes to safety: the paper slip requires the signature of the account holder or otherwise no one will be able to cash it. A personal imprint is necessary, one that is not easy to hack.

Saving a little extra cash can also be possible if you use a personal check. Electronic payments are sometimes suitable for additional fees, mainly because the technology is not completely spread on all locations throughout the world. A reliable, well-known financial tool as a check is always welcomed.

While smaller transactions are no longer commonly paid via checks, studies show that transactions with larger sums of money are still paid with them. Many companies still pay their employees with checks, as well a certain services; even some landlords accept payments by check only. So, there is a case for the necessity of writing personal checks.

And if you think that the companies that design checks are running out of business, you're wrong. Companies like Carousel Checks still manage to create an assortment of check designs, which cater to different kinds of clients, from corporate to personal.

As design is a core value to many people, this should be reflected in their checks, for they are the financial presentation card they give the world and, given the direction we're heading with our current technology, who knows what creative way we may find to use them.