Benefits of Using VPNs


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Benefits of Using VPNs

What is a VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. VPNs are used to provide privacy and protection to online users whether at the workplace or at home.

This protection is achieved by creating a secure tunnel between the server and your device by encrypting data and making the traffic to go through specialised servers. VPNs protect you by hiding your online activities and shielding you from hackers, identity theft and data selling that is all over the web. In addition to providing security, VPNs help online users to access geographically blocked content such as Netflix anywhere in the world and bypass censorship.

Choosing a VPN

With a lot of VPN services providers in the market, choosing the best VPN depends on your needs. However, some of the common features to look in a VPN are:

  • Speed
  • Privacy policy of the provider
  • Subscription charges.
  • Customer support.
  • The number of servers around the world and their location.
  • Number of devices to connect to simultaneously.
  • Other additional features such as DNS leak protection and kill switch.

Still wondering whether you should get the services of VPN, below are some of the benefits why every active online user should think of getting a one:

  1. VPN allows access to geographically blocked content

Using a VPN allows you to access any information and content remotely from anywhere around the world even when the location is restricted. For example, people in countries where streaming from Amazon or Netflix is not licensed or travelling to those areas are able to enjoy their favourite movies and channels with the help of VPN.

This is made possible by making it appears as if you within the allowed geographical location.

The use of VPN has also been associated with increased productivity as employees can work away from their workplace while protected from any risky activity online.

  • Improved security

One of the main reason why many people use a VPN is its ability to increase our online privacy and safety. With increased technology, online users are at the risk of losing their information and important data to hackers and honeypot attackers who can use the information for their own benefits and against the will of the information owners.

It is thus advisable to seek the help of a VPN especially when using unsecured public Wi-Fi

  • Compatibility with devices

VPNs are used in almost all devices that are used to access online such as, laptops, smartphones, mobile phones and computers. Most VPNs are also highly compatible with many operating systems in the market today such as Android, Linux, OS, Routers, Windows, and iOS. This makes VPN easy and convenient to use.

Even more, many service providers allow their customer to use more than six devices with only one subscription thus helping to reduce expenses while providing multi-pronged and maximum protection.

  • Unblocking censored websites

It is in the public domain that some countries have imposed strict regulations against their citizens using certain platforms. For example, many countries in the Middle East are against their citizens using VOIP based services such as WhatsApp and Skype. It is also illegal to be found using Flickr, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in China.

It is however now possible to enjoy the services of those social media platforms if you happen to be in one of those censored places thanks to VPN. It is, however, important to ensure you have your VPN application installed in your device before you get in such places as use of VPN is not allowed in such countries.

  • Buying Cheap Travel Tickets

Travel brokers and airlines are known for market discrimination by charging their clients different prices for the same travel destination depending on their booking geographical location.

VPN can help you get a cheaper deal by logging into a server located in a country with lower charges. It is important to try Different VPN servers before you complete the transaction to get the best deal. This trick is also used while looking for hotels and rental cars.

  • VPNs improve online gaming

Since VPNs helps in hiding your IP address by encrypting your connection, they help in improving online gaming experience by enabling their users to play in any geographical location where some games are banned.

  • VPN helps in preventing Bandwidth Throttling

Most internet providers are used to limiting their client’s bandwidth thus lowering the amount of content available to internet users and browsing speed. This is meant to increase their revenue by convincing their clients to subscribe to more expensive plans and subscriptions to avoid the inconvenience. This can, however, be avoided by the use of VPN as it helps to encrypt your internet traffic thus shielding your form your ISP.  VPN will thus enable you to enjoy maximum internet speed and bandwidth can you can play games, stream your favourite shows and download files without much worry.

Disadvantages of using VPN

In this world, it is hard to find something that is 100% complete without any faults. Despite the many benefits stated above, the use of VPN has been linked with a number of disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Lowering online speed
  • Increasing the cost of surfing since one has to pay for the services. It is not advisable to use the free VPNs as they endanger user’s data and don’t work well.
  • Some service providers have been linked with logging user’s data.


When making your life social life secure and private, it is important to also secure your online life. This can be achieved by the use of one of the globally recognised VPNs. VPNs help to prevent and protect online users when they are going on with their daily life to avoid the risk of being monitored or losing important data to hackers and governing authorities.

It is always advisable not to fall to the tricks of free VPNs as they have their limitations and might fail to provide full protection. To enjoy full benefits, you should go for genuine VPN to enjoy good speed, connectivity and maximum security.


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