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    All businesses need logos. A company logo is a trademark with which people identify your business.  A great log is a perfect way to promote your business. Logo designing should be an intensive process, and the final logo should capture the nature and spirit of your business. A great logo ought to communicate a message, rather than just be a sign.

    Deluxe is a master when it comes to logo design. Deluxe logo design services are offered to small and large business enterprises. Before we get into much about the services, let’s explore the features of a great logo.

    Features of a Great Logo


    Your log should be original and unique. It should be yours only and should represent your brand. It should not be confused with other logos from other brands. If you want your business to stand out, start with ensuring your logo stands out as well.

    The key to having a distinctive logo is aiming for a simple but attractive logo. Experimenting with a couple of creative ideas will certainly yield a great logo.

    Convey a Message

    As mentioned above, a Logo is not just a sign. It is an identity of your business. It should, therefore, carry a message. It is not a must that the logo bears your brand name, but it would be best if you can find a way of incorporating the brand name into the logo. That way, nobody will be left second guessing whose logo is that when they see it.

    Even if there are no words in the logo, the symbols and patterns in it should convey a message. They should be put in a way that makes it easy to decipher the message.


    You’ll need to attach the logo on many different items. It is best that the logo is easily scalable without affecting its visibility and attractiveness. It should be easy to enlarge or shrink the logo as necessary. For instance, the logo has to be printed on apparel and at the same time be printed on items such as pens. The shapes and sizes of these items are very different. Therefore, the logo needs to be very versatile.

    Deluxe keeps all these factors and many others in mind while designing a logo for you. Deluxe will also work with you every step of the way to ensure the logo is exactly what you were looking for. The aim is to create a logo that best sells your brand.


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