The Art Of Gift Giving: Business Edition

close up of man hands holding gift box in office

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Gift giving has always had an air of sentimentality to it. Gifts are used as a symbol of appreciation and love from the giver to the receiver. Businesses have picked up the sentimentality of gifts and this formerly intimate practice has become a rather commercialized one.

From a business perspective, gifts are a means to an end. They are more of a marketing tool than an act of endearment. This is not to say that the thought behind gift giving in this scenario is not one of appreciation. The key difference between the traditional gifting process and that of the business world is that for the latter, it has to contribute to the growth and development of the business in one way or the other.

There are key advantages of handing out gift hampers to clients and other business associates during festive seasons and other major holiday. Top amongst them is the fact that corporations are humanized. By simply gifting clients, corporates cease to be the ‘money minded monsters’ that they are thought to be and take on a more humane form. They show clients that the businesses recognize the role they play in growing their business. The ripple effect of this is customer loyalty and general business growth. When gift hampers are offered to employees, the work to boost morale thus boosting productivity.

Growth aside, businesses get the chance to advertise. Thanks to technological advancements, you can easily customize your gift boxes. Online shopping platforms such as Bags and Bows offer customization services to its clients. Businesses can, therefore, include their logos and, or taglines to their gift boxes.

Almost all businesses are seen as being overly serious and dull. Well, gift hampers can change that. Aside from including business logos, there is the option of making your box fun. Shop around on Bags and Bows offer a range of customization services that are sure to suit both personal and corporate needs. This makes businesses more relatable and approachable. It is also a good way to break the ice with new clients.


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