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Apart from making a profit, a company’s primary goal is to meet their customer’s needs and requirements. The company should also ensure total satisfaction in order to gain the loyalty of the customer.

However, meeting the customer’s needs is not the only way to have your customer coming back for more. Satisfaction goes hand in hand with appreciation, which is what you should make your customer feel. When you make your client feel appreciated, then you gain their loyalty.

So, how do you appreciate your customers?

There are several ways to say thank you to your customer. However, the most popular of them all customers is through gifts; say a thank you card/ token, a hello/follow-up gift and the popular holiday gifts.

Besides the gifts, you can also boost your customers’ loyalty by setting a reliable customer relations system to tend to them in cases of clarifications, complaints or any issues that may arise.

How about after-sale services, travel vouchers, holiday trip vouchers, shopping vouchers, restaurant reservations and even movie and game tickets? All these gifts sound terrific and will adequately express your appreciation

However, we are going to dwell on the Holiday gifts part, most notably the postcards, the calendars, among others, as they are one of the most affordable ways. And when it comes to gift postcards Deluxe offers the best of the best.

Deluxe Holiday Products

Deluxe is one of the most established companies in the industry of customer relations. For over two decades now, it has helped both small, and big companies maintain a good relationship with their customers, primarily through gifts. Here are some of the popular holiday products Deluxe help companies reward customers.

1.    Holiday Postcards

Deluxe has quite a number of gifts, but this is the most commonly used.  With the approval of the company, Deluxe designs and makes these holiday cards to send to their customers. While the cards are made by Deluxe, the appreciation or the well-wishes are from the company, and therefore their name is the one usually printed on it. Take a look at a few examples

  • Holiday Delight Postcards

Holiday Delight postcards are a way to share the joy that comes with holidays with your customer. It shows that you care about the customer and you think about them. Deluxe has several categories of delight postcards, ranging from standard to premium, to bestsellers to high value. Logically, the best time to send these is during the festive and holiday periods.

  • Thank you Holiday Postcards

Besides the delight holiday postcards, you can also choose to send a Thank You Holiday card to show the customer how much their loyalty is held in high regards. Some of the most common Thank You Card titles you can choose include Perfectly Appreciated Holiday, Deep Thanks Holiday Cards, Glorious Thanks Holiday Cards, Full of Thanks Holiday Cards, Divine Thanks Holiday Cards and so on.

  • Thanksgiving Postcards

While these do not directly say thank you to the client, they show your appreciation which, in this case, is synonymous with a thank you.

The golden days and hues of autumn bring the best moods in everyone. You can make the mood even better by putting a smile on your customer’s face with a thanksgiving holiday card. While every thanksgiving card expresses the same message, there are various ways in which Deluxe can help you convey it in a more fun and lively way. Examples of such include Glowing Gratitude Thanksgiving Cards, Feeling Thankful Thanksgiving Cards, Patriotic Thanksgiving Cards, Bridge of Thanks Thanksgiving Cards, Thankful Moments Thanksgiving Cards, Autumn Shine Thanksgiving Cards, Celebrate It All Thanksgiving Cards among others.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the whole world. People get gifts from every corner of their lives, and it will be a shame if your loyal customer goes without a single gift from you. Though you can always go all out on it, a simple Christmas holiday card will be enough to show the client you remember and cherish him/her.  Deluxe has some of the most expressive and festive themes to assist you with this, and a simple phone call will have the process started.

Deluxe does a wide range of Holiday Postcards with various themes, imagery and graphics and these are just but a few of the examples for which you can opt. As will be discussed later, there are reasons why you need to have your card personalized instead of buying an already-made one. For now, let’s look at the Holiday Calendars, also by Deluxe.

2.    Holiday Calendars

Which other way can you make your customer feel appreciated better than a Holiday Calendar, which will make him/her relive the appreciation every time he/she stares at it? Deluxe makes top quality Holiday calendars with high-quality materials, well-thought-out artistry, and high definition graphics and of course exceptional craftsmanship. Look at some of the calendars you can consider

  • Yearlong Wishes Calendar cards

While it is not ethical to choose customers, we have to agree that some customers are just invaluable and irreplaceable. There are those customers that come once in a while to shop with you when it’s convenient, say when they are nearby. And then there is that customer who will always make an effort to find you even if she is not nearby. Such customers deserve premium gifts, and Yearlong Wishes Calendars is a good place to start.

Make an effort to gift your customers with holiday calendars to wish them splendid season at the beginning of every season. While that seems to be too much, it is very effective, and it does a great job at entirely winning over the customer.

  • Fresh start Calendar

This is where the follow-up thing comes in. When you follow-up on your customers, chances are, you might find out certain developments in their business lives. In such cases, have deluxe gift them with a Fresh Start Calendar on your behalf, to mark the start of a new phase in their lives.

  • New Year’s Calendar

Kick start the new year by wishing your customer a new year, not through text or email but through a well-designed, high-quality calendar. New Year Calendars is perhaps the best and most logical way to wish your customer a new year.

Other Holiday Gifts by Deluxe

Besides the most popular gifts that deluxe makes for companies, here are other thoughtful gifts to give to your customers

3.    Happy Holiday Inserts

While this is more relevant with the book-related companies, other firms in diverse industries have also used them, and it works like a charm on customers. Deluxe has so many themes which it can incorporate on the insert, like festive themes, patriotic themes, peace-depicting themes and many others.

However, you can also decide only to have the logo and name of your company creatively imprinted on the insert, and it will still work the charm.

4.    Gift Wrapped Holiday Coupon Cards

Some companies do a great deal of damage to their business growth by underestimating the power of gifts. Customers appreciate gifts, however small it is. So, imagine what a gift coupon will do. Deluxe has you covered with the cards and will come up with the best design and theme to reflect the mood and message. All you have to do is state what you need, and Deluxe will deliver.

5.    Gift certificates

If you want to thank your client and at the same time market yourself, Gift certificates are the best way to do so. Picture this; you give your customer a gift certificate, chances are he/she will show it to his/her family, friends and associates. The probability of these people also sharing the same with other people is also high, and this does nothing but market you and your services.

The bonus is, Deluxe is a masterpiece in designing and developing gift certificates with bold and trendy graphics, which will not only market you but will also depict your value as a company. Here are examples of some of Deluxe’s gift certificates: Ivory Marble Gift Certificate, High-Security Embassy Gift Certificates, High-Security Primary Color Gift Certificates, Spring Bouquet Gift Certificate, Contemporary Gift Certificates, and carbonless Gift Certificates among others. These are just but a few of the many gift certificates that Deluxe designs.

Ready-made vs personalized gifts

In the above content, you can either buy a ready-made deluxe gift  directly from Deluxe. The former could be the right choice if you need to send the gift urgently and cannot wait for the designing and making of a new one. It is also a little cheaper than the personalized option.

However, the personalized option has quite an edge over the ready-made gifts. It contains what the company wants plus the company’s name. Besides, the designing and making of the card or whichever gift it is, does not take that much time. Here are some of the features and benefits of personalized gifts.

Benefits and Features of Personalized Deluxe Holiday Products

  1. Include your company’s name and logo

As mentioned above, the postcards always include the name of the company, plus the logo. You can also have these two personalized to match the theme of your desire (the company’s). Besides appreciating your customer, these gifts will also market you to everyone who sees it.

  • Custom Imprinting

Unless the company requests for a different approach, the imprinted words and message will always come from the company and not Deluxe. This way, you get total control of the message you want your customer to receive.

  • Signature Imprinting

The company also gets a chance to include their signature on the gift. The inclusion of this usually comes at a minimal additional fee.

  • Choose your design

If the company has a particular design in mind, Deluxe will always be ready to go by their requirements.

  • Include all necessary details

The gifts will include all the essential details including the address of the company. This will act as the return address but can be used as a contact address in case the customer has any query. This way, you save your customers from the trouble of having to flip through web pages searching for your contacts.

  • Free samples before the contract begins

Deluxe is always ready to give you a peek of what they do before you strike a deal with them. In case the company needs a sample, it should reach out to Deluxe, and they will send the sample.

  • Fast and efficient delivery

Deluxe does not just stop at the designing and printing of the gifts; instead, they also see the delivery through.

What about the prices?

The prices of gifts vary from each other. The quality of paper in the case of postcards and calendars is also put into consideration. For instance, there is signature White, Premium White or Pearl Shimmer. For each of these qualities there is a standard price.

The quantity you order will also make a significant difference in the amount of money you spend. So, the more you purchase, the less you use on each card.

You could also be lucky if you have enough tenacity and keep checking on the website, because often Deluxe offers mind-blowing cut-offs and promotions, allowing you to appreciate your customer and still spend less amount of money.

Conclusively, it is imperative to have your customer fully satisfied, as well as appreciated. Deluxe offers just the right way to do so at very reasonable prices. The good news is that you have total control of what gets, and does not get displayed on these gifts. You also decide on the quantity you need.


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