How to Form a Non-Profit Organization Easily


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Few things are as Noble, as engaging in non-profit activities for the better good of humankind. To be able to conduct non-profit activities in an efficient and organized way, you need a non-profit organization or, so to say, company. There are regulations that come with registering a non-profit, and they differ from one state to another.

Registering a non-profit also involves a process, that many might find long and tedious. Also, while doing it as an individual you find it difficult to cover all the requirements and you might find yourself going back and forth before your organization is fully registered.

In the sections below, we are going to explore how you can form and register a non-profit in a quick and easy manner. Quick and easy does not mean you will be leaving anything out. In fact, we are going to outline the process and ways through which you are to ensure that you are non-profit is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. This will ensure that you do not face any challenges running the organization in future. Tag along and let’s help you get that non-profit organization so humankind in a much efficient and bigger scope.

Registering a Non-Profit Organization

As mentioned above, there are laws and regulations that govern the registration and operation of non-profit organizations. These laws and regulations are necessary, to ensure that unscrupulous characters do not take advantage of such allowances to engage in criminal activities. For instance, one might do profitable business under the guise of a non-profit of just to avoid paying taxes.

We’ve talked of there being a process to be followed in the registration, which many might consider tedious. In order to ensure that you do not have to deal with the bureaucratic process and that you fulfil all the legal requirements of such registration, we advise that you seek the services of a registration consultant such as Swyftfilings.

The consultant is an experienced firm that has done the process multiple times. They are usually your best bet if you want to have your organization up and running within no time.

Having said that below are some of the basic steps that are taken while registering a non-profit.

  • First, the directors of the organization have to meet certain minimum criteria. These minimum criteria depend on the state you are registering the organization in. The consultant can help you find out whether you meet these minimum criteria, and also help you get there if you don’t.
  • The next step is to prepare articles of incorporation. Articles of incorporation are documents that outline what the organization is going to be engaged in. The documents auto detail information about the directors of the organization. If you haven’t already prepared these documents, consultants such as swyftfilings can help you easily and adequately prepare them.
  • The next step is to file the documentation with the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State has the mandate to peruse such documents and compare the details with a database of already registered non-profit organizations to ensure they are not similar. Once the office of the secretary of state is satisfied that the documents and everything in them is in order, it is going to issue a certificate of incorporation which satisfies you are non-profit or as registered.

We reiterate that, while this process does not seem like a very difficult one, it might involve a lot of backs and forth been through it before. The process is a lot more seamless and efficient when handled by a professional consultancy services firm such as swyftfilings.

How long does it take to register a non-profit organization? You might ask! As we’ve outlined above, your application for registration has to go through the office of the state secretary. There, it has to be compared against a large database of other registered organizations to make sure it is uniquely identifiable. This process might take anywhere between 7 and 10 working days. In case you need the process to be expedited, you will be required to pay a particular fee. On payment of the fee, your application will be considered before others and your organization will be up and running within no time.

What are the Benefits of Having a Non-Profit Organization?

There is nothing or anyone who would prevent you from going out and doing some fun traffic work or any other voluntary service. It is not a must that you have a nonprofit organization. However, there are benefits that come with having such an organization. We sample some of the benefits below.

When you have a registered organization, you will be able to reach a lot more people, or conduct your activities in a much bigger scope, than you would while operating as an individual. An organization is much more recognizable and will attract the interest of various parties that would be of great help in your endeavors.

A non-profit organization is essential when you are receiving donations. It helps you to account for how you spend the funds, to ensure integrity and inspire more people to come on board and help you with your goals. Regardless of what operations you’re involved in, you are always better off when you are working as a team.

These and many more benefits can be achieved a lot faster with the help of a consultancy service such as that offered by Swyftfilings. The joy about swyftfilings is that it does not just help you register the organization and leave it at that. These guys will also help you with ensuring that you run your organization in the most effective and seamless manner possible. They will be there with you to ensure that you are organizations stays compliant with any laws and regulations that are applicable.


In summary, having a non-profit is the best way of going about being of service to humanity in any form. There are firms such as swyftfilings that are dedicated to ensuring that you achieve these goals. Try them today and experience the joy of seeing your philanthropic endeavors rise to the next level.


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