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Blue Host is one of the most popular web hosting service providers out there today. While seeking to create a website, you need to work with the best hosting service to ensure your website is live at all times. In the sections below, we are going to explore how good of a web host Blue host is. We have had the chance to use blue host for several years now, and the review below is based on the observations and data that we’ve collected from our own experience.

We are going to explore several aspects that inform the suitability of a hosting service. We are going to explore the following:

  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Support
  • Customization Apps
  • Cost

Uptime – 99.99%

Uptime is arguably the most important aspect of a web hosting service. You need a hosting service that ensures your website is up all the time throughout the year. The last thing you need is for people to be looking up your website online and not finding it. You hosting service providers need to ensure your site is up and accessible all the time, because that’s the main thing you pay for.

Blue host is arguably the most reliable web hosting service out. It is even unfair for us to give it a rating of 99.99%. We have never had any downtimes for the years we’ve been using Blue host. You can be certain that Blue host will always have your website up and running at all times. Even when there are issues, Blue host is always quick to solve them and ensure your site is back up.

A good hosting service is not allowed to have more than half an hour of combined downtime in a month. Blue host goes above and beyond this average. Blue host has recorded 100% uptime in a year with many websites, which is something that’s always difficult to come across. Bear in mind that servers that host these websites are prone to breakdowns and power losses. As such, downtimes cannot be completely inevitable.

Speed – 398 MS

The Loading speed of blue host is quite impressive. It is among the top five in the industry. What is loading speed and why is it important? Loading speed is the speed at which your site loads up when some clicks on its URL. Basically, it is a measure of the time taken for your site to fully load up when you click on the URL.

The loading speed is a huge determinant of how many people visit your site. If your site takes too long to load, most people will not have the patience to wait. You will register low traffic and keep wondering why people are not reading your content despite your efforts to make great content and promote it.

As we’ve mentioned above, Blue host has some of the fastest loading speeds, and will never have your visitors waiting for minutes up minutes for the site to load up. Keep in mind that the loading speed also depends on the size of your website. Heavy websites take longer to load as compared to light ones.


It is important that your web hosting service provider the be available when you need them to solve a problem for you. You might encounter challenges with setting up your site. There might also be downtime issues, and you need to have someone to alert so that your site can be back up in the shortest time possible. Blue host’s support is available round the clock. Their live chat is always available, and you can contact them at any time if you have any concern.

The importance of available support as far as web hosting is concerned cannot be overlooked. It is also important to explore the urgency in which your host handles your concerns or complaints. Blue host has very dedicated customer support agents. The agents will go out of their way to ensure they attend to your concerns in the shortest time possible. The agents will walk you through everything you need to do from your side in order to get everything in order. It is comforting to know your web host will provide stellar customer support when you need it most.

Customization Apps

Once you’ve set up your Blue host c-panel, you need to customize your website and make it attractive and unique. Your Blue host website does not have to be similar to all other websites on Blue host. There are no limits to how much you can customize your website. Also, you do not have to have to be an expert in coding to be able to customize your website. You can use customization apps that are made available to you to easily customize your website. You’ll need to have some basic web design skills though.

Blue host is compatible with website builders such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others. These Apps will allow you to uniquely design your website and include all the necessary features.


Of course, you will be charged for hosting services. Blue host offers different packages in order to cater to the needs and financial capacities of all kinds of people. You can go for the shared, cloud, VPS, or dedicates services. Shared hosting is the cheapest option and is designed to light websites such as blogs. If you are trying to set up a portal, you might want to consider using dedicated servers.

Blue host pricing starts at $2.75 a month for the shared hosting. You can go for the quarterly, 6-months, or yearly packages and the charges per month will be relatively cheaper. Blue host is without a doubt one of the most cost-friendly hosting services out there. Blue host remains a pocket-friendly web hosting service without compromising on the quality of their services.


In summary, Blue host is one of the best web hosting services out there. Millions of websites have entrusted Blue host with their sites, and it delivers for each one of them. It is a hosting service that we would not hesitate to recommend.


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