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Mangools is the company that provides the KWfinder SEO tool. KWfinder is a laser-focused ad hoc keyword research tool. It gives back appropriate recommendations after its impressive keyword research work. Many site owners put a lot of effort and resources into the wrong keywords, then wonder why their site is not performing as well as they’d hoped it would. KWfinder is the solution to such challenges. It will identify the perfect keywords that you should be targeting.

While KWfinder lacks the same breath of functionalities as that on Spyfu and SEMrush, its standalone keyword finding function is a winner.

User Experience and Keyword Search on KWfinder

We have already mentioned that nothing beats KWfinder when it comes to keyword search. One does not have to be an SEO expert to be able to effectively use the KWfinder tool. It UX interface is user intuitive to ensure you have the best user experience. It is quite straightforward. The keyword search begins with a search box in which you type your search. No setups are required.

After completing a keyword search, KWfinder feeds you back a metric chart with a list of keyword suggestions. These suggestions are based on the search that you conducted. KWfinder also compiles and displays a small bar graph for each of the suggested keywords. The graph shows you how that particular keyword performed in the previous year. It also shows other parameters such as cost per click (PPC), monthly search volumes, and the level of competition you can expect from other businesses using a similar keyword. It will also show you the SEO ranking difficulty, if you choose to work with that particular keyword.


  • Superior keyword search
  • Perfect keyword suggestions
  • Resourceful metrics on keywords suggested on the Google SERP
  • Keyword management lists
  • Keyword rank tracking with a new impressive SERPWatcher tool


  • KWfinder does not have much to offer apart from the keyword querying function.


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