Extreme Hurricanes Headed For Florida


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Florida residents are now preparing amidst a lot of fear to yet again witness one of the most dangerous hurricanes ever. The governor, Ron DeSantis, announced a state of emergency on Thursday to the whole state. This is after the forecasting which concluded that the Hurricane Dorian would strengthen into a hazardous category four storm over the weekend, after which it will hit the Atlantic Coast.

 The state of emergency is not the only distractive precaution, as authorities have made steps to cancel commercial flights and set precautions along the Space Coast at rocket launch sites. The authorities have also made preparations to distribute sand to the dismayed residents for sandbags before the storm starts.

According to the Thursday’s announcement by Miami-based National Hurricane Centre, Dorian Hurricane will be spurred by warm late-summer waters and it will pack winds up to 130 mph, that is 209 kph in 72 hours. And this will undoubtedly qualify it for a category four storm, which is the second-strongest on the hurricane measuring scale.

As per the centre’s analysis, a category four storm can cause catastrophic damage, like irreparable damage to well-built homes. The trees will also not be spared and most of them will either be uprooted or snapped, as the power poles will be felled. The storm will most likely affect big population centres and most tourist attractions sites.

The predictions of the centre show that the hurricane will likely make landfall on the east coast of Florida on Monday and then linger over Central Florida on Tuesday. However, the winds from Dorian might come early in some parts of Florida, and they may start showing on Saturday evening.

The Governor gave a heads-up to all the residents along the east coast, telling them to prepare for any possible impacts.

“As it increases strength, this storm has the potential to severely damage homes, businesses and buildings, which is why all Floridians should remain vigilant,” the governor explained as he also urged the residents not to wait till it’s too late to make a plan.

Earlier on, the state of emergency was only in effect in 26 counties on the east coast, but the governor extended it to the whole of Florida, which only opens eyes to how dangerous the situation could be.

The United States president also stood by the citizens and advised them to abide by the state’s laws put in place for their safety and the safety of other residents. He also anticipated that this might turn out to be the most significant hurricane in time.


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