Colombia President, Ivan Duque, Vows to Seek Down Rebel Group


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President Ivan Duque has yet again registered his lack of confidence in his executive and where its loyalty lies. The president has vowed to dedicate his time in the hunt down of Farc insurrection commanders who, according to him, have brought in war after three years of peace.

It is not only his time that the president has dedicated the hunt down; instead, he has also presented $ 882,000, which is 725,000 Euros, specifically for the seize of every single rebel who gave an impression in the video featuring the insurgents, led by Ivan Marquez, the former FARC commander.

The former commander was ones one if the lead negotiators in the peace deal that ended 50 years of struggle in 2016. However, he seems to be fighting from a different side this time, and he has come out to accuse the federal government of betrayal.

Talking in a 30-minute video about the alleged betrayal, the former commander said that more than 500 social leaders had been killed in two years and 150 guerrilla combatants have been left lifeless within the same period, all because of indifference and laziness of the state. The video was meant to open eyes on the piling number of killed activists and Farc participants since the current president took office.

Here’s a brief on what the video in question contained. Its first presentation was of Ivan Marquez as he studied out a remark with a banner written: “While there’s a will to battle, there will be hope of success”. The commander is not in front of the cameras alone; instead he is surrounded by women and men in camouflages, including Jesus Santrich, a former senior Farc rebel, and El Paisa, also a former rebel. Ivan Marquez went on to register his anger and disappointment in the government for going against the peace settlement negotiated in 2016.

He further goes on to make a “promise,” that Farc-EP will pursue other ways to reply to offensives. He also said that the crowd with him would no longer perform kidnappings for ransoms; instead it would do it for search discussions.

Here’s what the president had to say.

However, Duque did not accept these allegations, and he hit back at the “rebels” while calling them narco-terrorists, who disregard the safe haven they have but instead make stronger of the dictatorship of the president of neighbouring Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro.


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