How To Put Together A Gift Box


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Gifts are always a welcome addition to anyone’s life. Whether the purpose of the gift is to mark an achievement, celebrate a special occasion, client or employee appreciation purposes or just simply being spontaneous, gifts tend to almost always be a happy pill for the receiver.

The compilation of gift boxes, especially for corporates looking to do them in bulk, can be a rather tricky affair. This is especially so if the target audience is highly varied in tastes, social status, profession and culture. Putting together a hamper that satisfies all the varying tastes and preferences is almost always a near impossible feat.

Although, it is a tall order, it is possible to create a hamper that will be pleasing to most. The next time you are faced with this challenge, keep the following in mind:

Think Practicality

Regardless of your audience, a functional gift will have a bigger impact on the receiver. Think of items that people will require in their day to day lives regardless of their profession. Items like pens, diaries and mugs are a favorite for most people. So the next time you are filling your Bags and Bows gift bag with items, you may want to include one or all of the above.

Culture Sensitivity

Again, hampers are rather difficult to put together especially where you have a diversity in cultures. In such cases, it is important to pick culture, gender, religion, race, and politically neutral items. The idea is to appreciate the recipient not to insult them. So be sure to steer clear of any items that explicitly relate to a certain ideology race and, or culture unless the target audience is a homogenous one.

Think Branding

Your gift items as well as the packaging are a chance to brand yourself as well as push your branded. The good news here is that it is rather easy for you to get a customized and branded gift bag. There exist multiple service provides including Bags and Boxes that offer customization and branding services to ensure that your hampers are not only unique but are an avenue for you to market yourself.

Timing is Everything

There is nothing more awkward than giving a gift at the wrong time. This applies more to the items contained within the gift than the actual time of giving the gift. Consider the season and festivities when putting together a gift hamper for your family, friends, clients or employees.


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