Deforestation a cause of Amazon fires: Some Scientists Saw it coming 20 years ago


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The world is taking a turn we cannot humanly explain. While there is a good side to this, there are also some very adverse instances which have left the world gaping and wondering what is happening.

A significant incident that has left Brazil and the world as a whole worried and desperate for solutions is the recent Amazon rainforest fire. However saddening it is, this is not the only fire that has happened in Brazil this year. According to statistics by National Institute for Space Research, over 80,000 fires have happened so far this year which is the highest annual record by the country, featuring at 80% increase from the recordings of last year.

The unfortunate truth is that the fire was created by the same song that has been sung over and over again. As per the evaluation of the experts, the primary factor that led to the fire was deforestation. They also mentioned slash-and-burn as another factor, which is basically the practice of cutting down forest patches, allowing the area to dry out then setting the remains on fire, all with the intentions of creating room for other agricultural activities.

Additionally, Brazil being the largest beef exporter, some farmers set fires to replenish the soil and grow pastures for cattle.

According to the coordinator of the Fire centre at Wageningen University, Cathelijne Stoof, these practices are intentionally aimed towards clearing the forest. She further went on saying that people are focused on getting rid of the forest so as to get meat to eat.

Cathelijne was not the only one who had something to say. Paulo Artaxo, an atmospheric physicist, commented with certainty that deforestation is undoubtedly the cause of the fire. To back up his statement, he said the fires were expanding highly along the new agricultural development borders, which, according to him, is very typical of fires linked to forest clearing.

On the other hand, President Jair Bolsonaro had a different opinion, and according to him, the fires are not necessarily caused by deforestation, but by the opposing NGOs who allegedly have set fires in protest of the president’s administration. However, these accusations were not backed by any evidence, leaving us in between the two probable and potential causes.

Some scientists saw it before

Apparently, some researchers had already predicted this previously. According to the information retrieved from long installed satellites, the deforestation was to ultimately happen and so were the fires.


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