A New Tool by Brightway Insurance for Franchisers to Assess Talent


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The world is definitely taking a new turn, and soon enough machines and software will be doing every job performed by human beings. This is quite evident from the many devices being introduced into the workplace. The latest significant development is the tool that helps in recruitment, which a few high-end companies have taken to and Brightway Insurance is no exception.

The tool in question is an online assessment tool called Predictive Index, and it is meant to help franchise owners in the recruitment process by determining competence among candidates. The tool is meant to be used by Brightway franchisees to recruit from 21 states across the United States.

According to the director of Agency Development and Carrier Relations of Brightway, the tool is quite powerful, and it is used by well-known brands in hiring the right people and ultimately increasing revenue for their companies. Scott Pollard, the director, went on to say that they are quite thrilled to provide the franchisees with the tool which will help them assess talent and to scale up candidates against the most successful agents at no cost at all. He showed his and other official’s confidence in the tool, saying that it will be a total game-changer and that it will help grow sales and business faster among franchisees.

Confidence in the tool has not only been expressed by the director but also by a sample of franchisees who tried it out during the trial period.

Kara Turnage, one of the franchisees, said, “I recently opened my Brightway Agency and used The Predictive Index to determine which candidate I should interview. It gave me insights that resumes don’t.” She continued, “I’ve been really pleased with my choice and will turn to The Predictive Index in the future to select top talent,” Kara Turnage is an owner of a Brightway Insurance Franchise in Magnolia, Texas.

There were other testimonials from other franchisees like Rachel Davidson, another owner of Brightway Insurance Franchise. She mentioned the accuracy of the Predictive tool and how easy it was to use.

Here is a summary of how the tool works. All Brightway Franchise owners will be provided with a unique link leading to the Predictive Index assessment. They will also be given a business card to pass out to drive potential candidates into taking the online assessment. After the candidate completes the assessment, their results are then sent to the franchise owners who can then review the results and see how good the candidate matches the position. The tool will also suggest the right interview questions to the franchise owner.


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