Importance of VPN


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VPN (Virtual private network) is an invention that has come to revolutionize how people conduct their businesses online. The invention is a game-changer as it gives anonymity and privacy by creating a private network through encrypting connections when using the public network. This helps to hide your identity online so that no one can identify and trace your actions online.

Why you should think of having a VPN service

Using public networks such as Wi-Fi in public transport and coffee shops means that you are always exposed and you are at the mercy of hackers and snoopers who are always hunting data and confidential information such as credit card and home address to use them to their advantage and steal from unsuspecting innocent online users.

Form the recent study, the use of free internet gives the same pleasure as witnessing your favourite footballer score a goal and thus hard to resist. It is for this reason that everyone who owns a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone should consider having a VPN in their devices to protect their data and online activities.

VPN protects by encrypting your data and thus creating anonymity to anyone who may be interested in your online activities. This simple act helps to protect your bank accounts, credit cards, emails, online shopping details, any confidential communication is done online, and browsing history.

How VPN works

VPNs are easily compatible with almost all devices used to access networks such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and computers. VPNs work by encrypting data and creating a tunnel through which information is exchanged between the device in use and the VPN server. This makes an individual anonymous as the IP address of the device reads the same as that one of the VPN servers. This has the advantage of enabling people to access information and services that would have otherwise been inaccessible to them and protect their online activities from Internet service providers (ISP).

Who benefits more from the use of VPNs

Everyone in the world deserves some privacy and confidentiality. However, some groups have benefited more with the invention of the VPN than others. Some of the people who make use of VPN more often are:

  • Travellers

Apart from accommodation and logistic problems that travellers faced some years ago, modern travellers have additional problems associated with how they conduct their business online. Because different regulations set by various governments concerning internet use, language barrier, time difference, and internet speed variations, the invention of VPN came as a significant relief to travellers. The use of VPNs helps to eliminate those problems and all security issues, thus making travelling fun.

  • Business Organisations 

Business information such as customers’ and employee’s information, product prices, production formulas, business projections, and product catalogues are always treated as a piece of highly confidential information and can only be protected by the use of a VPN.

  • Downloaders

Mostly, downloaders dealing with illegal files make use of VPN to avoid getting on the wrong side of the authorities. It is also vital to ensure you use a VPN when downloading confidential files to prevent the risk of leaking them to the wrong hands. The use of VPNs helps by encrypting the user IP address, thus making it hard to locate the downloader.

  • Workers and students

To avoid loss of information to hackers, companies and learning institutions provide employees and learners with VPN to enables secure connections and access. Workers and students also make use of VPN to be able to bypass censorship and filters set by workplaces and schools to access information even when they are travelling.

  • Importance of using VPN

The main reason why many people use a VPN is to remain anonymous online and thus protect their identity. However, there are more than one reasons why everyone active online should seek the help of a VPN, as indicated below:

  • Share files

VPNs are used to share confidential data without any fear of leaking too bad people who might use the information against the intended purpose. Some of the confidential files shared by the help of a VPN include. Business and government files.

  • Bypass filters and unblock websites

VPNs are used to bypass internet filters and blocked websites. This is most useful in countries where there is internet censorship such as China and the Middle East

  • Enhanced security

Use of VPN helps to encrypt data and thus keep it secure from hackers and snooper’s eyes

  • Change IP address

The main logic behind how VPN works are the change of IP address. By using a VPN, an actual device VPN is changed to that one of the VPN servers. This makes it hard for the authorities and hackers to trail the activities of people online at any particular time.

  • Remote control

One of the most crucial reasons why many people subscribe to the services of a VPN is the help of access to home and workplace networks while away. This is mostly useful for people who are used to travelling.

  • Anonymity

VPNs help individuals to remain anonymous online. VPNs help people to hide their web proxies and IP address, and thus their online activities can never be located.

  • Better performance

VPN is mostly useful in cases of why the ISP is used to limiting bandwidth to reduce browsing speed and content accessible to online users. Using a VPN helps to bypass this limitation and thus increase performance.

Disadvantages of using VPN

  • Increases the cost of using the internet
  • Reduces surfing speed
  • Some services providers have been associated with data logging

Bottom line

Since time immemorial, human beings, businesses, and governments had been associated with keeping deep secrets until the invention of the internet. For a long time, the use of the internet had no privacy, and any activity could be located to the person responsible. The invention of VPN, however, came to change this narrative and provided the required privacy for people working online. For this reason, people can travel and be assured of using their home and workplace network safely, download and share files without fear of possible leaks as well as access censored websites, and enjoy geo-restricted sites without much interference from the authorities.


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