Do Restaurants that Put Up Political Business Signs Have Better Sales?


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In the US, elections is a hot item that everyone is talking about especially that it’s just a few days away. And as always, people have the tendency to speak up their minds – employees and business owners alike. However, some business are not just being vocal about it. Some of them have openly expressed their outward support to their chosen candidate by displaying political signs in their establishments. Two of these are Fricano Place and Greek Tony’s Pizza, both of which are located in Michigan.

Fricano Place put up a sign in support of Trump. Ted Fricano, the owner of the establishment, is huge fan of the presidential candidate. He told reporters that this is not the first time that he put up a sign supporting an electoral candidate – this has been the trend around their building for the past 14 years and both Republican and Democrats have had their chance of being favored.

Muskegon County Treasurer Tony Moulatsiotis, the owner of the Greek Tony’s, is a Democrat who hopes to be reelected and decided to put up his own campaign sign in his business. He says that this it was everybody’s right to express their political views.

Some citizens on Facebook expressed their opinion of how business owners should avoid putting up signs on the basis that not everyone might share the same opinion. Others on the other hand thought that those who are opposed to the candidates might decide to buy elsewhere.

However, sales on both establishments neither dropped nor increased. Ryan Hallberg who’s a customer at Fricano’s Muskegon Lake pizza restaurant says he couldn’t care less about the sign because what really matters is that the place offers great pizza and beer.

The law could get in the way though – the sign on the roof of Fricano Place will be removed soon because it violates a certain city ordinance in Muskegon.