Google and Facebook are Working Together to Lay Fiber-optic Cable


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Good news is in store for the people in Asia – Google and Facebook have joined forces to lay the foundation for a fiber-optic cable from US to Asia that will be capable of a bandwidth of 120 terabits per second. This will span a distance of nearly 8,000 miles from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. According to Google, it’s a very ambitious project that will have the highest capacity between US and Asia. This is expected to double the current record, which is presently held by another cable where Google is also a part owner of.

Once the new cable is installed, this will make a more reliable internet service available to the Pacific region. Rumors say that the two companies will most probably use a certain portion of the cable’s capacity while the rest might be leased out to others, but there are no certain specifics announced at the moment.

Big tech companies are now willing to partner with the likes of other tech companies because they are the ones that usually need the services. Similarly, Google and Facebook use an extensive portion for sending and receiving data for their own servers which could be the reason why they are more than willing to invest in these types of projects.

This is not the first time that the two giant companies have invested in an endeavor such as this. Facebook already partnered with Microsoft to build a cable in the Atlantic. Google on the other hand can already be considered a veteran – this is now their sixth cable so far.

The cable will be dubbed as “The Pacific Light Cable Network”. If everything goes well, this is expected to be completed sometime in 2018. For business owners, faster internet service is always a good thing as this can increase their productivity. This can also mean cheaper costs since this can put extra pressure to local companies that provide lesser bandwidth.

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