Why Bloggers Prefer Bluehost for their WordPress Blogs?


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Blogging has gone through severe evolution over the past two decades by moving from being a side hustle to full-time gigs for many. Powerful platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium have revolutionized the scope and reach of blogging. The popularity of WordPress as an immensely intuitive and powerful blogging platform has led to a steady increase in the numbers of its users. However, a good blogging platform needs to be powered by a powerful hosting server for optimal performance. 

If you, too, have been wondering about using WordPress, then it’s an appropriate time to spare a couple of days researching on the best WordPress hosting services. Beginners always find it a bit challenging to decide on the best (in some cases, affordable) web hosting providers. If you’re serious about your blogging gig, then it’s best to avoid free web hosting plans as they have more handicaps than advantages. Hosting companies have started optimizing their services for WordPress users because they, too, are aware of the growing market demand.  

Bluehost – WordPress Hosting Made Easy

Bluehost is one of the leading hosting providers of WordPress hosting, and they’ve optimized their hosting services to suit the needs of WordPress users specifically. Bluehost helps you to host and build a WordPress blog quickly, even when you lack the requisite technical expertise. They’re offering amazing WordPress hosting plans loaded with incredible features to facilitate quick installation. WordPress optimized hosting features facilitate fast uptime and unhindered performance of your blog. 

 You’ll find professional bloggers across the web raving about Bluehost’s fantastic performance, speed, affordability, and efficient customer service. Hosting products offered by the company are unmatchable, and when it comes to shared hosting, there’re only a few that can match Bluehost’s performance. 

Unique Hosting Plans for Unique Requirements

Beginners find Bluehost’s shared hosting plans quite effective and affordable, as all new accounts are offered one free domain for 12 months. Besides this, every new account is provided with an easy-to-use control panel. Shared hosting provided by Bluehost start at attractive prices of just $3.49/month for the first year. If you opt for the Basic Plan, then you’ll be able to host one domain and even install WordPress with only a single click of your mouse. Alternatively, you can also choose the website builder, which is an automated process to create and host a website. 

Advanced users, who need to host multiple websites, can always go for the Plus Plan, where they will be able to host at least 10 WordPress blogs/websites at just $10.99/moth. Alternatively, they can also choose Bluehost’s Business Pro plan that allows users to host unlimited blogs/websites at just $23.99/month. 

All the hosting plans, except the Business Pro Plan, which comes with unlimited email accounts, offer a fixed number of email accounts. Bluehost cloud hosting solution is equally attractive as its fee structure, and feature list varies with usage. 

These are the standard hosting offerings from Bluehost; however, they also offer Optimized Hosting for WordPress, boosting their unique set of technology and service. 

Let’s dig deeper…

Optimized Hosting for WordPress – Just What a Blogger Needs

Bluehost offers optimized hosting for WordPress at a little higher price than the regular hosting but with many advanced features. Plans start at $24.99/month, and you can host at least 5 WordPress blogs or websites. Under this plan, you will also get 30GB storage, 2GB RAM, and an enhanced cPanel, which facilitates easy blog access to at least a million visitors. SiteLock security is another advanced feature that protects your blog against hackers and malware. 24/7 customer support is a huge benefit offered to users who intend to get technical issues resolved quickly. 

How is the optimized Hosting for WordPress different from other hosting?

Well, Bluehost’s optimized for WordPress is loaded with incredible and attractive features. Some of the most important include the following:

  • Server Level Optimization – Bluehost has dedicated servers for WordPress optimized hosting wherein each account is assigned to a private server. You won’t have to share your web resources with other users, which is why you pay higher for this hosting plan. On the other hand, you have to share the same server when you opt for different hosting plans. Thus, when you choose for Bluehost’s WordPress optimized hosting plan, your blog shall be using dedicated CPU, RAM, and even Process managers. Therefore, your blog will experience minimal downtime, and it’ll perform at a higher speed. 
  • Enhanced Control Plan – The optimized WordPress hosting server comes loaded with an efficient and user-friendly control panel customized by experts at Bluehost. All hosting providers use the cPanel dashboard, but Bluehost makes the individual effort of customizing it for more exceptional performance and user experience. Thus, right from one-click WordPress installation to purchasing and installing premium themes, everything is more comfortable and quicker. You’ll be able to view and navigate the cPanel on your mobile while using all the features without any hassles.  
  • Highly Trained WordPress Expert Support – The technical support team at Bluehost are well-trained to offer all kinds of installation and maintenance support for WordPress blogs and websites. Irrespective of whether you sign up for a shared hosting plan or Optimized WordPress Hosting, you can always access this assistance. Since the technical support team is trained with WordPress developers, you can expect to get help for even the most complex and advanced WordPress issues. 

SiteLock Security – All novices, as well as expert bloggers, are worried about the security of their blogs. Bluehost has partnered with SiteLock Security to offer high-end server security to guard your block against unwanted hacking and other security breaches.  


Even though there’re several WordPress hosting service providers available in the market, Bluehost has emerged as a trusted provider. Bloggers around the world prefer to host their WordPress blogs with Bluehost as it offers high-performance WordPress optimized servers at affordable prices. Bluehost has a dedicated team to support new as well as pro bloggers by providing quality hosting services to meet user’s demand for speed and performance.   


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