Personal VS Business Checks: What Is The Difference?


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Checks have for a long time been part of our business fabric. The convenience of using checks has seen their use moving beyond just business use into the personal realm. Is there, therefore, a difference between personal checks and business checks? Aren’t they both just paper instructions to the bank to transfer funds from one account to the other? Well the answer is no. It turns out there are quite a number of differences between the two.


The two types of checks share a definition on a larger scale. They are both paper documents written to facilitate the movement of funds from account A to account B. Taking a closer look, there are slight differences in definition between the two based on the mode of operation.

Business checks are used to separate business transactions from personal ones. These are used to draw monies deposited into the business accounts. In so doing, business owners can keep better records of their business related expenditures and keep business and pleasure separate. Personal checks on the other hand are used to transact monies deposited into non business related accounts. These could be individual accounts or joint accounts.


When it comes to checks, size matters. Business checks are designed to be bigger than their personal counterparts for ease of printing. Personal checks such as those from Carousel Checks are generally much smaller. This is because the latter are often hand written as opposed to being printed.

Record Keeping

Every business owner wants to have clear and concise records of how money is spent. Business checks actually do help you do that. They are designed such that you can tear off the check from the check book leaving behind a little stab of paper. The remaining portion is designed for users to fill in expenditure information such as the date of transaction, the payee, the purpose of payment and the amount. These stabs make it much easier for you to maintain records of what amounts you spent and when you spent them. If you have an accountant or bookkeeper, these stabs also make their work much easier


When paying for goods and, or, services, the bottom line is that the right amount of money exchanges hands. There are, however, some people who take notice of the finer details. If you are a business owner, paying a supplier using a customized Carousel check may not look as professional as using a proper business check. However, you can use these customization services to your advantage and include your business logo on your check as an extra advertisement measure.


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