Snapchat Can Be Used For Business


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Since its release last 2011, popular online platform Snapchat has skyrocketed to the top when it comes to the most used recreational apps in the world.  With its innovative real time features, adorable filters and unique interface there’s no doubt why Snapchat is currently dominating the social media scene. From the likes of Shawn Mendes and Demi Lovato to Kate Hudson and Kim Kardashian, everyone is basically using the application to tell the world what they have been up to or what they’re doing. But do you know some people actually make money through Snapchat? Yes, without even leaving the comfort of their own home, some people managed to turn their accounts into a full-fledged business. And here are some of the ways how.

First things first, build an audience – In order for you to have an effective Snapchat business, you must first have a solid number of followers. Promote your account in different social media sites or work for it through the use of providing creative and quality Snapchat content.

Once you have built your audience, make a collaboration with startup brands – After you already established yourself as snapchat-famous, then it’s time for you to search for starting companies and offer to promote their products in your snaps in exchange of money. Famous celebrities are doing this, but of course the companies are the ones who approach them and they get paid a lot more but still, cash is cash right?

Another great way to earn money through Snapchat is to be affiliated with already established companies – Being famous has a lot of perks. If you succeeded in earning some valuable cash by promoting small scale businesses and brand names, then it is time for you take it one step higher and contact big companies that will be willing to get affiliated with you. As an efficient Snapchat user, you can use your account as a medium of informing your followers of an upcoming event or a product discount and even a sale in exchange for a fixed rate.

Promote Your Own – If you are already a business owner then using Snapchat to promote your own products is good. Just make sure you will keep it short but spontaneous, because overly talking too much about a product in your snaps will only make you look a little rehearsed and people don’t want that.