Earn As A Wattpad Author


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You have got to be in too deep with work or be living under a rock for the past couple of months if you don’t know what Wattpad is. It is an online site where amateur writers can share their books for free to everyone. With over 250 million stories ranging from fan fictions to thriller and a hefty 45 million users worldwide,   Wattpad is one of the fastest rising online sites out there. It combined elements of social media and good ol’ blog type writing and came up with an effective tool for writers to connect with their readers from everywhere. And just recently, Wattpad creators have unveiled a new feature where Wattpad authors can now turn their works into a business. In order to be successful on this you are certianly going to need to brush up on your grammar skills.

A couple of days ago, Wattpad selected some of their top writers and contributors as the first batch for the program. Readers will now first have to watch an ad or go through it before they get to reach their favorite story. According to Wattpad’s head of the writer and publisher partnerships, Ms. Ashleigh Gardner, the amount of earning a writer can have for every chapter of his/her story will vary depending upon the rate of the sponsor and the number of readers. She then added that participating writers will get the major part of the ad revenue that will be generated from the story.

Wattpad’s CoFounder and CEO Allen Lau said that the wonderful connection between storytellers and readers makes the new Wattpad Futures Program an effective source of income for amateur writers everywhere. He then added that readers can now support their favorite authors at a much different way, and that is through watching in-story ads that will increase the writer’s income without having to pull money out of their own pockets.

One of the Wattpad authors that bagged a slot in the first batch of Wattpad Futures Program is Anna Todd, the writer of the popular Harry Styles Fanficion “After” which has already been turned into a book and will have a movie adaptation real soon.