Too Many Business Trips Can Be Bad for You


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Business trips are an important part in assuring the success of a business or a company. It’s where entrepreneurs take time to travel and meet with people who can potentially invest and work in tandem with his/her primary endeavor. A business travel is usually just comprised of meetings, presentations and waiting. It’s very stressful, really, but if it’s necessary then you basically have no choice but to do it. Even though going on frequent business trips can give you a lot of things, there are also some takeaways to it. And here they are.

  • You’ll Age At A Much Faster Rate
  • A recent study showed that frequent long distance flight can cause chronic jet lag which can cause damage to the memory and interfere with gene expression.
  • You’ll Be Putting Your Health At Risk
  • Regardless of the place you’ll go through of the flight type you’ll be in, travelling frequently can expose you to various foreign germs that can make you sick. Viruses like Zika and Bird Flu can be transmitted from one person to another, that is why it’s important to be extra careful whenever you have to go to a foreign area.
  • Immune System Is getting Compromised
  • Another downer of travelling to different places is that over time, your immune system will find it harder to adapt therefore opening a hole where diseases and viruses can come in and attack you.
  • Weight Problems
  • Researchers also figured out that people who travel a lot are more prone to having weight problems than those who don’t. It can be attributed to a lot of things, including stress eating and the lack of exercise, especially because all you’ll do most of the time is sit and face your laptop.
  • Mental issues
  • Going to frequent business trips can also affect your mental health because you are exposing yourself to more work stress. Another contributing factor is the amount of pressure you’ll feel from your environment. Aside from that, the always constant feeling of loneliness, boredom and sadness can be very overwhelming at times and may lead to depression.