Design Could Make or Break A Franchise Business According To Experts


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Top franchise brands have always relied on visual display and cost-effective materials when designing their physical stores. However, these may no longer work says Studio Four Design’s design director Greg Terry in Knoxville, Tennessee. He further explained that simply relying on these is not enough to capture the authenticity or what the company is all about.  If this no longer works, what’s his recommendation?

Terry advises new franchise businesses to pay attention to the needs of their customers, always taking into consideration their experience. He went on to use the drive-thru as an example – he said that this should be properly designed at the back of house for efficiency. The positive experience may later translate to customers being invited to stay a while longer in the establishment, which they could do in the future when they are able to find time for it.

The design director also mentions that creativity goes a long way and this could even be better than just relying on money – because someone could always outspend you. He recalled how one distinctive element in his design gave the recall factor to a women’s retailer. He used a colossal metal sculpture on the face of a building for the client and customers found this very attractive.

While Terry may have a point in the subject matter, there are also the other missing pieces that he failed to address. For one, the people that make up the business, or more specifically, the employees who work for the company. Things such as getting proper training is just as important. A successful business franchise is not all about great design – it’s the summation of what makes up the business as a whole that includes the system being used, people, and customer service. All of these make up for a great customer experience – and it is important that franchise owners should also pay attention to these