What “Smart” Devices Can Do For Your Business


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Many people and businesses use technology for several reasons such as increasing productivity and allowing easy sharing. However, did you know that the same technologies that you think are doing you good could actually put your own business at a security risk?

Cloud-based applications often require permission to access several information from its user such as camera, location, and contacts on the smartphone. While this may seem innocent on the front, giving your approval could open a backdoor to very sensitive information. Should you be alarmed?

Think of it this way. Data leakage can cost you money. Hackers nowadays use apps to get a hold of important information which could be used for several things. This can be used to access your banking account. It’s also possible that company concepts could fall into the hands of your competitor. When an employee leaves the company, he or she may bring sensitive information with him or her.

While it is true that applications can indeed help your business and employees increase productivity, allowing free use of just about any kind of application can damage your business. So should you give up on these altogether?

According to security experts, technology can be used effectively provided that you follow these measures. First, the business must have a mobile management system where apps used by the employees will have to pass company standards. Devices should also be encrypted so that when there is a need to transfer these on the Internet, there would be no risk of possible theft. Instead of the free productivity apps that are downloaded online, the company should invest in approved tools for its employees and require them to use only these for work. And lastly, employees should be properly educated on the basics of security such as spotting phishing emails.

Security requires a little effort and money for a business, but it’s something that needs to be done if you want to protect your business assets.