Make Bank With Youtube


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Popular Video sharing website Youtube has definitely dominated our lives over the last several years.  And since then, the site has become as an effective outlet for people who wants to share things with the rest of the world. From amateur singers belting Adele songs in their own bedroom to DIY videos and serious straight-to-the-point political videos, everyone can pretty much upload anything they want. Well, as long as the material is original and appropriate for all ages. Youtube can be used for a lot of things, and that includes business. Youtube stars such as Connor Franta, Troy Sivam, Dan & Phil, Shane Dawnson and The fine Bros all raked money through the Vlogs and other videos that they share with the world.  From Tyler Oakley’s $744,300 thousand payout to Michelle Phan’s $84 million makeup empire, they all have found their fair share of success through Youtube. Are you wondering how you can use Youtube to promote your company or make it your actual business? If you are then here are some of the things that you can do.

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The first thing you should do before anything else is to build up your audience. And you can do that by providing them with quality and interesting content along with constant promotions on various social media sites.

Monetize Your Videos – once you created a solid structure of followers then you can start earning by monetizing your videos. Once you clicked that option, ads will appear in your video and you’ll start getting paid.

Advertise Products – another great perk of establishing an audience is that you will have someone you can communicate with. Once you feel like you have a loyal amount of subscribers then it’s time for you to get affiliated with the companies. You can reach out to them and say you’ll promote their products in your popular videos in exchange of cash. Don’t underestimate this, some of the biggest Youtube stars gain money through their sponsors and advertisements.

Use Youtube To Promote Your Own Business – Youtube can also be used as a great platform to promote your own products and even your company. Since users are almost always looking for videos to view, you can use this as the opportunity to make one promoting your own.