Harley-Davidson Has Its Eyes Glued on the Asian Market


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The U.S. motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc. now wants to expand its market globally. This is now looking forward to increasing dealerships in its already existing market that include the likes of China, Vietnam, India and might add some more – this is now studying if it’s possible for them to enter business in countries such as Cambodia.

According to Harley-Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich, the Asian region holds incredible potential for company growth. Although he did not give specific outlook for Asia-Pacific, he did say that most of its international dealerships will be concentrated in this area. In 2015, the company sales report showed that the 12% sales came from the Asia-Pacific region, which could be the reason why the CEO thought that it’s about time that they think of exploring its market instead of just focusing on home territory.

The CEO also noted that untapped market show great promise for the company because of the growing middle class that have disposable income to spend in leisure-oriented commodities. He hopes that the Harley-Davidson will be able to attract riders who are interested in two-wheelers not just as a means for transportation, but also so that they can have a vehicle that can give them pride.

If the company succeeds in penetrating into these so-called untapped markets, then this may be able to make up for the dwindling sales in its biggest market, the United States. For now, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based company plans to create 150 to 200 new dealerships by 2020. It can be recalled that when this exited Indonesia by the end of last year, their retail sales suffered. Now, Levatich is ready to re-enter and strengthen their distribution network in the country.

Of course, this may need to get creative in its marketing campaign since it will be competing against other International companies’ automobiles like Italy’s Ducati, Germany’s BMW, and there are also the high-end Asian vehicles from Suzuki, Yamaha Corp, and Honda.