Maximizing Your Air Miles and Points


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Having plenty of air miles has become crucial in the airline industry, it means better fares and great deals.

For years, hacking frequent flyers loyalty programs have been simple – through mileage run. Regardless of the price, the length of miles will be rewarded with enough miles to cover your vacation trip. However, mileage run is not the thing now. Just recently, airlines have changed the way they give away free miles. Mileage run is not the issue now. Most American airlines award miles depending on the amount of dollars spent. Since mileage gets more difficult to get, it is now a great time to maximize each point to your advantage.

  • Smart use of credit cards. If you are a not-so-frequent flyer, it would be difficult to earn enough points to enjoy a free flight. Enters your credit card rewards. Charging your card with a certain amount gives you reward points that you can convert to miles. If you use your credit card to buy groceries, gas, and pay for your restaurant bill, you can easily earn more points to swap for miles. Of course, you have to spend smartly. Do not spend more than you earn and if possible, pay every single cent you spend regularly.
  • Compare prices. Before redeeming, compare prices to get the maximum benefits. More often than not, frequent flier miles must cost you at least $0.12 a mile. Sometimes, it is not worth to use your miles and better to pay cash instead; then earn more miles from it.
  • Get ‘Status’. Garnering enough miles for a certain period of time will earn you ‘the status’. For every status reached, the higher the acquired miles you get. For instance, general members acquire five miles for every dollar spent, while the top tier members get 11 miles for every dollar spent.
  • Upgrade your flight with miles. Apart from using your miles for fares, you can also use them for upgrades. No, this is not a wasteful idea; as a matter of fact, it is cost-effective. Normally, a business class ticket from US to Asia would cost an average of $3500. Using your miles to upgrade to business class from coach, your total amount would only be around $1300.