Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Storage


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Cloud storage is a service that allows users to store files in a location other than your hard drive, making it possible to access your files anywhere there’s Internet connection. In a recent survey with over 800 businesses all over the world, there is an increase of cloud storage use in the last few years.

The total service cost for the cloud services market in 2017 is predicted to be greater than $244 billion. Why is cloud storage gaining so much popularity? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Cloud Storage.


  • User-friendly. Most cloud storage services are very easy to use. Users can simply drag and drop files from their local storage to cloud storage.
  • Saves bandwidth. Save bandwidth by just sharing web links to recipients instead of attaching and emailing files.
  • Highly accessible. You can access your files even if you do not have your computer with you. As long as you have Internet connection, you can access the files stored in the cloud.
  • Backup for disaster. Storing your files in the clouds adds a safety net for your business. In case of an emergency that can affect your ability to access the files saved in your hard drive, there will always be the cloud storage that you can easily retrieve any lost or inaccessible file.
  • Reduced cost of operation. Annual cost of operation will be lower in the long run as you save energy to store your files remotely. Cloud storage only costs an average of 3 cents per gigabyte worth of storage.

Disadvantages of Using Cloud Storage:

  • Drag and drop option usually transfer the document into the cloud storage and doesn’t leave a copy. If you want to leave a copy in your hard drive, copy and paste the file instead.
  • Some cloud storage services have limited bandwidth. Once you get past the given bandwidth allowance, you’ll pay additional charges. Nonetheless, there is unlimited bandwidth offered by a number of providers.
  • Security may be compromised. While cloud storage providers vow for data security, it is not really guaranteed. There’s still possibility of your stored data to be compromised, making some business uncomfortable with using it.