Lessen The Loneliness When Traveling for Business


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Everyone who travels for work will probably say that it is not all glitz and glamour. Yes, you get to go to new places and see different things; meet new people, get miles for your future vacations. However, you also get the feeling that you lack regularity and routine, not to mention you are miles and miles away from your family, friends, or people that matter to you. Once the excitement of travel wears off, you can feel lonely at the end of the day.

In a 2015 study conducted by a well-meaning researcher, there’s psychological, physiological, and emotional impact to frequent travelers. A survey of 1,001 respondents, all of which are business travelers, half of them experience stress because they are missing their family. It is tough to leave their spouses and children back home. To help deal with the stress and loneliness that come with traveling for business, here are some tips:

Go out. You can go out in a public place and work from there. Don’t stay inside your hotel room working. If your hotel has no common working place for guests, you can sit at the lobby or a cafe and spend your working hours there. That way you get to see other people and don’t feel lonely too much.

Keep in touch. Either call your family or friends, keeping in touch can help lessen the sick feeling you have when you are missing home. A few minutes of video call  helps a lot, or if time is restricted, or you do not have a reliable data connection, texting and regular phone calls will suffice.

Bring someone along. Be it your spouse, a friend or your teenage child, having a companion while traveling do not only lessen your homesickness, but can also help you work more efficiently.