Giant American Companies Worried Over Trump’s Ban


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The entire world got shook last Saturday when newly elected U.S. President Donald Trump decided to implement a 7-county immigration ban that will last for at least three months. Not only did it caused a massive public outcry and widespread protests especially in airports, Trump’s decision also resulted into US companies being in a hurry to tell their immigrant employees who are overseas at the time to come home and be saved from the newly implemented law.

People who are from war-prone countries such as Iran, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Syria were included in the immigration ban sent by the newly elected POTUS. The Trump’s ban doesn’t only affect immigrants, but also those who have legal papers and may have been US citizens for a long time. That’s why companies such as Google and Microsoft scrambled to get their workers back to the U.S. and save them from being prohibited to enter the country for 90 days.

According to an unnamed source, Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai emailed that at least 100 regular Google employees are affected by the controversial order.  And in a statement released by Google, the company expressed their concern on how the 90-day ban can affect the relationships that their immigrant employees have to work and their own families that are inside the United States.

Microsoft President Brad Smith on the other hand released an email stating that 76 of their immigrant workers got affected by the ban. He furthermore condemned the order by saying that their company believes in the power of a greatly balanced immigration system and that they believe law-abiding refugees should definitely let be in the country to escape a war they never asked for.  More companies have since started sending out support to their immigrant employees who are affected by Trump’s move.