Samsung’s Chief Visits Court For A Second Time


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Samsung is without a doubt a giant in the electronics industry. Mind you they have had a rough go of it lately.

Though the company is said to be bracing for their major comeback after the disastrous Note 7 tragedy, they still can’t put their happy and hopeful faces on. Because just this Monday, the court has once again tapped Samsung leader Lee Jae-Yong so he could be investigated regarding the allegations that he played a part in the country most infamous money-related scandal to date.

His said part came in the form of his alleged bribe on President Park Geun-hye and her friend Choi Soon-sil (who was recently caught hiding in Denmark by Korean Authorities) with a staggering amount of $37.31 million dollars in exchange for her support on the company’s 2015 merging plan with its minor affiliates. The merger deal said to have sealed Lee’s plans of promoting the transfer of the group’s leadership and wealth in a parent to child manner.

A representative for the committee handling the case gave a statement saying that they ordered the presence of multiple Samsung executives and that they will all be questioned for the parts they played in the massive scandal.  They have already been identified as suspects and warrants of arrest might be released for them after the hearing process.  But the representative had made it clear before that out of the suspected executives; Lee is most likely to be the one who will get arrested.

The hearing started last January but the court decided that there were still not enough evidences or grounds that would require their arrests. But since then, the case blew up and all the tiny details have been reviewed over and over again until a sufficient amount of new questions has been gathered.

While on his way to the courtroom, Samsung chief Lee Jae-Yong cemented his previous statement by saying that he will answer their questions truthfully. Though she was already impeached, former President Park Geun-hye still denied all the allegations directed to her.