Building Your Business Through Referrals


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So you are up and running. You have your incorporated business, all these great ideas are floating around in your head, where do you begin?

Whether you are a new or existing company, you can certainly gain from your online presence. The ongoing growth of the online marketplace has allowed for many entrepreneurs to find easier ways to promote their services. It is in this area that many projects like AirBnb, Yelp and Uber have positioned themselves as leaders, given the way they have grown both in income and in recognition.

But the reality behind their success stories is merely based on what people think of them, and how they write it down. In an age where word-of-mouth has now been taken to our mobile devices, referrals serve as the clearest and most accurate way of knowing whether or not we want to receive a service, and if so, how we’ll do it.

And although many might think that it is almost impossible to build a meaningful relationship with a costumer whose face we won’t probably get to see, there are tricks you can use to maximize the way you establish communication with a potential user.

It all starts with making sure you are providing a platform that not only allows for customers to leave reviews, but does so easily. There is nothing more annoying than receiving a chain of e-mails requesting to get feedback on a product or service– the less work the user feels they have to put in, the better the review will be.

When a user finds an attractive link that has been carefully designed, they will go out of their way to click it and give you their feedback. It’s a matter of being creative enough to encourage them to do so, while not forgetting that you rely on their comments to get more clients.

There is no point in requesting them to write down their comments if you don’t plan to do something with them. Make sure that, once you get the amount of feedback you desired, you have a marketing plan put in motion to use them as positive publicity. Nowadays, consumers need to feel related to what they’re seeing so they feel the need to engage with a service, which is why comments from real people will make them feel connected to your business– promoting feedback from their experience is a must!

Always keep in mind that certain people might need an additional push. Having systems that hands out a certain amount of prizes to your customers for taking time to write a review will certainly do the trick. It may be discounts on your services, gift boxes from Bags and Bows, or even a free food voucher from a popular restaurant; anything that makes them feel they have earned something for free, will probably get you some reviews.

Constant communication will improve your company’s presence online, for it will enhance the way people perceive your brand, and relate them to past experiences that make them feel good.