Airbnb Adds New Property Types To The Platform As Part Of Their Decade Strategy


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Airbnb has over the years gained a reputation for providing homeowners an opportunity to earn some extra income and travelers an opportunity to find affordable living wherever they go. According to co-founder Brian Chesky, the idea that perfect strangers would open up their homes to each other was crazy at fast but it is now one that is embraced by millions of people around the world. From a single apartment in San Fransico, the travel platform offers its users with over four million accommodation options across 81,000 cities.

The appetite for convenient accommodation amongst today’s travelers is only growing. This means that there can only be growth for this travel platform. To prepare for that growth, Airbnb has come up with four more property categories for travelers to choose from. Aside from the pre-existing Private Room, Entire Home And Shared Space listings, travelers can now choose from Unique Space, Boutique, Vacation Home and B&B listings.

Aside from providing additional categories for travelers to choose from, Airbnb is laying down the necessary infrastructure that will enable travelers to achieve a much more detailed search. This move aims at providing users with a better search as well as living experience. It also makes it possible for the Airbnb to have a more transparent business relationship with both property owners and users seeking accommodation.

The company is set to officially launch the seven property categories to its users in summer. In addition to this launch, the company is set to launch new home categories. The different categorization of these homes will be determined by their design, quality of comfort offered, hospitality and cleanliness. This new categorization is targeted at 2,000 homes for starters spanning across 13 different cities. The homes shall be subjected to an in-person inspection and verification processes before being given a clean bill of health. Homes that meet the requirement will enjoy priority placements as well as additional support services from Airbnb.

In a bid to further the user experience for its guests, Airbnb is set to launch the Beyond Airbnb service this spring. The purpose of this service is to provide tailor-made experiences for travelers. Whether embarking on solo travel or you are traveling as a group, there is something for everyone. This service will see travelers get a chance to enjoy their stays is some of the finest homes in the world, receive unmatched hospitality from their hosts.

Airbnb yesterday added to its product portfolio with the launch of family and work packages namely Airbnb For Family and Airbnb For Work. These have come after a realization that the platform has attracted diverse users with diverse travel and accommodation needs aside from the solo travelers that the platform was initially meant for.  It is set to enhance these products by offering travel and accommodation options for people looking for unique destinations for wedding and, or honeymoon purposes, dinner parties, group getaways as well as social stays. Plans are currently underway to provide these extra services later in the year.