Sir James Dyson accused of Hypocrisy


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    Sir James Dyson who is the owner of Dyson and a major supporter of Brexit announced his plans of moving his firm’s headquarter from Wiltshire to Singapore. This was followed by a load of accusations against him, depicting him as a hypocrite.

    His decision to move the headquarters is, however, truly questionable. This is because he was totally for Brexit and this, presumably would have meant his forever loyalty to Britain, which is quite contrary to his decision. Besides, he had previously mentioned that he was enormously optimistic about Britain’s trading after Brexit.

    The company, specifically the CEO, Jim Rowan, has responded by saying that the company’s decision was just to plan for the future and it had utterly nothing to do with Brexit or the lower taxes that it will probably face for some time before getting on its feet. Instead, the move was to ensure they are future-proofed and because there are huge revenue opportunities in Singapore.

    Allegedly, as the firm said, Dyson’s has an increasing number of customers in Asia, and all its manufacturing operations are also in Asia. According to the firm, the shift started way back, and it has been ongoing for some time, and as Dyson brings its electric vehicle to market, it will be even quicker.

    In his statement, Jim Rowan said that the company was loyal to the UK and that the tax difference was insignificant to them since taxes are all over the world. He continued saying that, they will keep paying taxes to the UK and investing in Malmesbury, Bristol, and London.

    He further mentioned that the decision was not one-sided and that Sir James was an active participant and supporter of switching the company’s headquarters.

    Despite the statements, some major figures of the UK still seem unsatisfied. MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran, was one of the people who were quite disappointed and she described Sir James’ decision to be utterly unbelievable and a reflection of staggering hypocrisy.

     “James Dyson can say whatever he wants, but he is ditching Britain,” she said. “This can only be seen as a vote of no confidence in the idea of Brexit Britain.”

    Morgan continued by saying that Sir James should donate to the Final Say campaign to help clean up the disaster he created instead of fleeing.

    However, it still remains unclear; was his decision to move his firm’s headquarters to Singapore a vote of no confidence against Brexit Britain, or is it just a preparation for the future as they put it?


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