Start-Up Rules For Any Business or Franchise


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Are you planning to start-up a business but have no idea how to run it? Well, anyone who have experience in starting a business has probably written his or her own guidelines, but this list here will help those considering to start up a business, or those who are planning to work for these new companies. Will it be a home office or are you renting space?

  • Unless it is something related to things you love, don’t plan to start it up. Obsession is one key to a successful business, and if you think you are not in-love enough with what you are planning to do, then forget about it. Don’t go building a clothing company if you do not have closets and closets of clothes; and don’t plan starting up a marketing business if you practically hate telemarketers.
  • Make sure your staff is composed only with people who love the thing you do equally. If they do it just because they need to pay the bills, then chances are they will not get to do their job well. Okay, maybe they MIGHT do their job excellently. Believe me, once they get a job offer from a company, which product or services they love, they will go running for it.
  • Forget about departments. Steve Jobs once stated, “We have 0 committees, we act like the largest start up in the world.…” Did you know that Apple has an open office that consists of 0, yes, zero departments. In a young business, managers reporting to managers will just end up to politics. If you build departments, then there’s the risk of bringing up empires within the empire. A company is one single empire that needs nourishing, especially if it is just a newborn.
  • Use only the technology you know how to use. To keep complications at bay, avoid trying new things when it comes to technology. If need be, hire a developer. If you or your staff is more adept in using the oldest version of Microsoft office, then that’s what you should use. It is not good wasting time learning new programs when you can operate without them. Startup businesses often have limited funds; so, to maximize your budget, don’t think about sending yourself or your staff members out to learn new things. Use what you want and do what you know.
  • Keep it fun. To keep stress levels down, make sure to provide fun and entertainment to your employees. It does not have to be a Google-like ambiance where there are playgrounds and pets allowed. Taking your employees out every now and then will keep them calm and happy, therefore driving them to be more productive. Giving out incentives or bonus when there’s a great increase in sales will also make your staff members feel appreciated.