Maximize The Use of Facebook For Your Business


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Marketing your business on Facebook is not as simple as paying for advertisements. Facebook offers a wide array of opportunities that can give the edge to your business, if you only know how to do it. It may even be worth it for you to hire a developer to help you out, as the possibilities could be endless for you and your business. If your ever at a loss they have a live chat option you could take advantage of as well.

Facebook is not for hard selling. People love ‘hanging out’ in Facebook. It is a fun, social place where they get too see the whatabouts and whereabouts of family, friends, and acquaintances. Don’t try selling your business aggressively. Promote your brand by blending in the crowd and becoming part of a community.

Know your goal and have a clear strategy. Your goal could probably be to increase your sales and your are using Facebook to reach the goal. But, what strategy you can use to increase sales using Facebook? If you are marketing on social media, then the best way is to keep social. Engage your followers. Post daily updates. Host games, such as a liking contest to gain more followers and likes. Encourage your customers to post their photos and tag you, you can offer prizes or discounts to followers who do this.

Encourage comments. Post updates that will prompt users to comment on your posts. Reply quickly! Failing to reply fast enough can make your social following weak because you fail to engage with them. If possible, reply within 24 hours.

Be interactive. Post photos and videos; they are more appealing than plain texts. You can post photos of new stocks as they arrive, or have a few videos of behind-the-scenes footages of the big wedding cake you are making. Such posts are fun and trigger people’s interests.

Promote your page. Promote your Facebook page through other channels like your website or Twitter profile. Add it to your traditional marketing tools, as well. Don’t forget to add your Facebook address on business cards, email signature, letterhead, posters, and print ads.