Why NordVPN Is Still Considered One Of The Best


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Investing in a reliable and efficient VPN service goes a long way in securing critical business and personal data. Accessing the internet anonymously is a wise strategy if you don't wish to reveal your IP address to hackers and government agents. Quite a few companies are offering some or the other type of Wi-Fi security or virtual private network services, but not all are reliable and secure. If you're serious about security, then NordVPN is undoubtedly a company you want to look at. Don't even try to go down the free program path as they will waste your effort and time because they do not use the latest technology, nor do they offer a high level of security. 

Financial or business transactions over public Wi-Fi networks are not at all safe because hackers often keep an eye on these networks and exploit the vulnerabilities of the network to attack unsuspecting users. They're ready to steal your private information held online. Thus, the only way to keep vital information safe is to use a secure VPN service like NordVPN

Now, security is not the only reason why users buy NordVPN services; they also prefer to browse the web or enjoy their preferred content anonymously. Users hate being tracked by their ISP or advertisers! Using NordVPN also gives users the liberty to visits websites blocked in specific countries or regions. For instance, if you're visiting China and want to access your Facebook account, you'll be able to do so only after connecting to NordVPN because Facebook is restricted in the country. 

Features offered by NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most reliable and efficient VPN services in the market. Some of their top features are:

  • Double VPN 
  • DNS leak shield  
  • CyberSec and complex encryption 
  • Streaming and accessing P2P sharing
  • Servers are located in almost every region around the world 
  • Lightning speeds
  • SmartPlay
  • Onion Over VPN

NordVPN follows a no-log policy and is known for its 24/7 assistance throughout the years. You have a wide range of plans to choose from, suiting all types of requirements and device connectivity. NordVPN has plans that facilitate the simultaneous connection of up to six devices.  

NordVPN is Back with Improved Level of Security 

Last year NordVPN reported a security breach that affected a small number of its customers, which prompted the company to overhaul its security arrangements and take it to the next level. Network engineers at NordVPN have carried out a thorough network security audit and made changes to protocols and tools to make their VPN servers even more secure. NordVPN has taken all the steps necessary to earn back the trust of its users and the public, including the cybersec community. 

Here's a list of the steps NordVPN took to improve its security:

·        Partnering with Cybersec experts and VerSpite

NordVPN has partnered with cybersec thought leaders and experts from VerSpite (a top cybersecurity consulting firm) to help in the security overhaul process. NordVPN is committed to offering the highest level of security to its users, so it has left no stone unturned to achieve the same. 

They have deployed a team of penetration experts to look for network vulnerabilities and identify those before others. VerSprite is providing the penetration testers with a plethora of infrastructure-related challenges including:

  • Intrusion handling
  • Exhaustive penetration testing
  • Source code analysis
  • Vendor risk assessment

·        Bug bounty program

NordVPN had launched a bug bounty program that has helped it to identify and eliminate bugs before going with their servers. Apart from that, the CyberSec community has helped to identify and fix the bugs so that none of NordVPN's assets are at risk. The Bug Bounty program has rewarded the cybersecurity experts for identifying vulnerabilities and reporting those to the company so that they can be fixed. 

·        Security audit

NordVPN carried out an independent infrastructure security audit early this year to fix issues like:  

  • Infrastructure hardware
  • Backend architecture
  • VPN software
  • Internal procedures
  • Backend source code

Vendor Security Audit NordVPN carried out a thorough vendor security assessment after the security breach last year. It was caused due to vulnerabilities within one of its third-party datacenters. All the data centers around the world working with NordVPN have met or exceeded several strict security standards. Every datacenter partnering with NordVPN were thoroughly assessed for a wide range of security protocols. NordVPN has also begun the process of building a vast network of collocated servers that are wholly owned by NordVPN. This will help in preventing any security breaches due to vulnerabilities in third-party servers. 

·        Diskless servers

NordVPN has started to upgrade all its servers (5700 servers spread across the world) to RAM servers, which would facilitate a centrally controlled network. Thus, no data would be stored centrally, which would make data pilferage impossible. All the servers will be using the resources provided by NordVPN's secure central infrastructure. Thus, hackers, if they manage to breach the security, would get nothing but just an empty machine.

In Conclusion

Even though NordVPN (or for that matter, any other VPN service providers in the market) can't guarantee 100% security, Nord VPN have taken their security to the next level. This has helped the company win back the trust of its customers. NordVPN is also offering attractive discounts on their plans and you just need to use the promo codes to avail them. Choose a plan that suits your needs, and it's always advisable to go for a long-term plan since they offer higher savings. However, you can always test the quality of their service by opting for shorter plans. NordVPN is one of the oldest and most reliable providers of VPN services, and you won't be disappointed, that's for sure. 


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