Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Now Banned in US Flights


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Galaxy Note 7 could spell disaster for the company Samsung. In terms of cellphones gone wrong, this one is an absolute catastrophe. This has already dampened its reputation when several units either exploded or caught fire due to a dysfunctional battery pack, which prompted the company to issue a recall and replace these with new units. However, one replacement unit caught fire while the owner was on a US flight, which caused the airline to evacuate the plane.

A few days ago, Samsung officially cancelled the Galaxy Note 7 and has already stopped its production. While this may be so, the remnants of the disasters that the device caused still remain. Now, Samsung faces yet another challenge when the US Department of Transportation banned the Galaxy Note 7 from ever boarding a US flight. Passengers will no longer be able to bring the said phone in their luggage.

According to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, they knew that the decision would inconvenience some of the passengers but defended it nonetheless saying that passenger safety will always come first before anything else.

Although there are no reported incidents of exploding mobile units in other Samsung smartphone models, this is not the first time that Samsung has had troubles with exploding devices. It seems that some of their appliances similarly had the same problems with that of the Galaxy Note 7. Problematic appliances included refrigerators and top loader washing machines.

In the past, some critics have pointed out that Samsung became famous not because of having innovative products but because they relied heavily on marketing. However, it can’t be denied that if you wanted to succeed globally, then you would have to rely on marketing like Samsung did. However, there are now new players in the industry that offer similar products to those of Samsung’s. After the fire incident of the Galaxy Note 7, it’s possible that people will now also look at other more reliable options instead of just remaining loyal to the Samsung brand. The Korean company will need to resort to making its products safer if it wants to remain at the top.