58 Companies Fight Donald Trump’s New Travel Ban


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President Donald Trump caused a massive outrage recently when he tried to implement the Travel Ban regulation which prevents individuals from six major Muslim to enter the United States. His first attempt got blocked and so the administration revised the plan and submitted it again for approval. But hours before it was due to be fully established, it got blocked again when a group 58 large American business companies filed an amicus brief in support of the legal notion that the state of Hawaii filed against Trump’s Presidential Executive Order.

The said legal motion asked for a temporary restraining order for the Travel Ban formed by the President of the United States. The group of companies established a brief that tackles all the negative outcomes that the Ban will bring not only to families of affected individuals who are still in the U.S., but also in the business sector of the country. It can be recalled that last month, at least 97 of the biggest American brands (Including Facebook, Netflix and Spotify) formed a similar counter-petition and successfully blocked the law banning Muslim individuals to enter the United States.

According to the latest brief, the Ban will result into nothing but negative and potential permanent damages on American businesses and the employment sector of the country.  Chris Lehane, AirBnb’s head of policy, also said that preventing people from entering the country is wrong and it is their mission as Americans to welcome other nationalities regardless of their religion or where they came from. He also expressed that they will continue to defy Trump’s decision to prevent people from Muslim countries to enter America.

The revised Travel Ban states that people coming from Libya, Iran Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Sudan are prevented to enter the United States for 90 days. It will also stop refugees from entering the country in 120 days.