HSBC Bank Starts Offering Gender-Neutral Titles To LGBT Customers


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Gender-related issues have remained to be some of the most highly debated topics that people can’t just seem to solve. But thankfully, society has started to open up more and embrace people who identify themselves as individuals that are not included in society’s version of norm. And one of the biggest names to make an actual move about is the British baking company, HSBC. Because just a few days ago, HSBC announced that they are introducing 10 different gender neutral titles to cater for their LGBTQ customers.

The bank recently released a set of gender-neutral titles for people who do not want to address themselves with a traditional label.  That means that aside from the usual Mr., Mrs., and Ms., titles that people have gotten used to, ten new ones will be added to the choices. These genders neutral titles are M., MX, Ind., Misc., Mre., Msr., Myr., Pr., Sai. And Ser. HSBC has already said that these new titles will be available to customers on all accounts, bank cards and other services of the company.

The move is said to be developed by the bank’s LGBTQ employee, HSBC Pride. A statement from the company’s representative said that they value the amount of work and dedication that their LGBTQ employees did to provide for the financial needs of the transgender community.

According to Stuart Barette, HSBC Pride’s leader, the company published the new set of identity prefixes in hopes that their customers will feel more welcome, recognized and confident that they are doing their financial matters with a company that fully understands and accepts their gender preference and how they live their lives. HSBC’s move has gathered mixed to positive reaction from experts and prompted other banks like Barclays to do the same.