What’s the Real Deal Behind Volkswagen’s New Concept Car?


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Looking to give someone a very expensive gift this Christmas? Well, Volkswagen recently released its new electric ID concept car at the Paris Motor Show. Experts don’t quite agree on how well this is going to do in the real world once it’s officially released. The company on the other hand is obviously hopeful when it expressed its intention to release 30 new EV models by 2025. As for the ID car, this is set to go on sale in 2020 so it will take a little while longer before you can see one of these blazing on the streets.

Meanwhile, investment bank Morgan Stanley is doubtful about the electric car concept where Volkswagen seems to have predicted that their EV line will make up 25% of the company’s total sales. The banks are pointing out that this could spell disaster for the company since industry estimates for EV cars is only around 4%.

Other experts on the other hand say that Volkswagen is spot on with its decision. Professor Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer of University of Duisburg-Essen says that there will be a shift to electric cars in the near future and pointed out that other manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW are now concentrating to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

Some reporters pointed out that the concept car may be the company’s way to bury their Dieselgate scandal where Volkswagen cars cheated emission testing results with the use of a software that put the car in a safety mode. Whether the intention is to produce a clean car or bury its scandal, other businesses could learn from the previous mistake of Volkswagen – do not use technology to cheat the law.

On another note, the electric car concept is promising. Why? Canada for one is on its way to taxing carbon emissions – it means that the country is serious about putting an extra effort to a cleaner environment. China has been experiencing smog problems for some time now. It will only take a while before governments will make it their business to reduce carbon emissions in any way possible and shifting to electric cars provides a viable solution.