Democrats are accusing Trump of Being Behind the Suspicious Packages


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Among the various high-profile Democrats who were targeted by the bomb package were Former US president Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the former Attorney General Eric Holder. However, these were not the only bombs that were sent. The police intercepted some of them before they reached their intended targets

As if they were sent to threaten the targets, the bombs did not go off, and no one was hurt. Law enforcement agencies including FBI have launched an investigation, and they are considering it an act of terrorism. Some Democrats accused Trump of being behind the packages, linking it to his rhetoric during his campaign.

Apart from alleging that CNN reports “fake news,” Trump also incited his supporters to shout “Lock her up” to Clinton and as well pushed the conspiracy theory that accused Soros of influencing US politics.

Trump has not only spoken strong and offensive words, but he has also shown support for those who have demonstrated violent behavior towards the Democrats and reporters. Reportedly, Trump reiterated his support for Montana Congressman who slammed a reporter in 2017.

Bill Pascrell, the US representative, has scolded Trump for his violence towards the Democrats and has warned that such should not be allowed to happen lest it develops into something big and worse.

The suspicious packages seem to be not the only threats that the targets have faced. Some of them have also been targeted by online groups like QAnon, with the accusation that they, the Democrats, are ringleaders of international crime.

Professor of Rhetoric, Paul Atcher commented that Trump’s verbal hatred encouraged violence among the people. He mentioned that there is punishment for abuse and that even if Trump did not send the packages, his offensive speech should not go unaddressed.

However, Republicans also feel they have been wronged and have stated that Democrats are liberal activists who crowd the US.

Steve Scalise, the Republican Representative who got wounded last year in an open gun firing during a baseball practice of Republican lawmakers, claimed that Democrats should not blame the Republicans the bomb-packages incident. He accused the Democrats of his predicament and felt that they deserve whatever comes their way.

He reiterated his support for president Trump’s conduct and said that it was important that he came out as strongly as he did. He continued, saying that reaction to attacks on either group should be the same and it is not fair that the Democrats make a big fuss when they are being attacked yet when it was the Republican’s who were being targeted, then no one was talking about it.

The two parties are still onto each other and don’t seem to have any point of concession for each other.

In response to the attack, president Trump promised that he would investigate the matter and find the people behind such acts of terror and deal with them.


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