Quick Guide to Social Media Marketing


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Nowadays, you need to go to social media if you want to reach more audience, send messages, talk, and live chat are essential. Do you want to try the “magic” of social media? Here’s how to get started.

A startup business has to accomplish a lot on limited resources. If you get into traditional marketing, it is likely to empty your marketing funds. On the other hand, social media marketing is surprisingly low-cost and at the same time offers a direct line from you and your current and potential customers.

This short guide in social media marketing is for small and startup businesses who want help in establishing and  building their brands through social media but have limited resources.

Research. Research. Research. Social media is about knowing how to connect with potential customers on an authentic manner. This can be done by understanding current and target customers alike. You can start by distinguishing your audience’s individual profile by gender, age, interests, profession, and other info. Determine the key concerns based on your target audience. Moreover, find out which social network your target market prefer. While social media have similar goals, they have different audience and focus. It is crucial to know the differences between them in order to know where you put your efforts. You want to make use of great tools such as MouseFlow to help you monetize not only your social media presence but your website in general.

Coordinate social channels. If you are using various social media channels (well, you should), optimize your posts by adding several uniform elements. This will help identify your brand between various social media networks. When publishing a blog post for instance, it is best to make a call to action. At the end of each post you may lead the visitors to your sales link through a sales funnel. Be more visible to various social media platforms by displaying social icons in your header. This way, your readers can easily click on their desired social platform and follow you.

To attract followers, update your social media feed regularly, several times a day if possible. The more visible you are, the more likely they are to follow you.  Also make sure that on your blog posts, ‘Share’ buttons for different social platforms are visible, allowing more opportunities for your visitors to share your posts.