How to Make Your Business Travels More Manageable


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Travel is one thing; business travel is another. People usually unwind and relax when they travel. On the contrary, business travels aren’t as glamorous and stress-free. Most business travelers describe their trips as exhausting, draining, and stressful – because, hey, you came there to work, not to play.

Business travels do not normally give you the time to visit the Eiffel Tower, even if you are in Paris; or see Mt. Fuji in Japan. But, are there ways to make business trips less stressful? Of course. Here are tips to make your business travel manageable:

  1. TSA PreCheck. If you are a frequent traveler, the need to fall in line and have yourself (including your shoes and all) checked, can be tiring and irritating. Paying $85 for a 5-year membership with Transportation Security Administration’s Pre program saves you time and effort. Signing up to TSA Pre allows you to go through security lines faster, with no X-rays and you get to keep your shoes and jacket on.
  2. Battery juice. Drained batteries can drain you, too. When your cellphones, tablets, or laptops die on you while travelling, it seems like the end of the world, right? While your drained batteries won’t cause a nuclear meltdown, they can definitely cause something that can result in your own meltdown. So, either get a power bank or a multi-socket extension cord to make sure your batteries do not run out of juice.
  3. Pack light. Packing light can greatly lessen your stress while traveling. Even if you are in a business trip, you do not have to pack every single clothing item you have. Learn how to mix and match clothing items. If you have to bring a pair of boots or sneakers, wear them as you travel and pack the lighter pair of shoes that you will be bringing along. Pack travel-size cosmetics and if the brand of shampoo is not an issue, don’t bring any, since hotels have them anyway.
  4. Bring a lot of patience. Not all travelers have the strength to keep their cool, but it really pays to be patient. Don’t let the stress of your trips ruin your day. Even if you have an annoying seatmate, or your carry-on luggage is too big to fit in the overhead, it will help if you take a deep breath and remind yourself that you want to enjoy your business trips from now on.